CodeScientists are witty, charming, creative, and we play as hard as we work, it’s just a fact. What you may not know is that we are also a pretty competitive group. We have yet to spot a challenge we didn’t want to crush! You can see this in our day-to-day as our teams identify and dominate client and project challenges. You can see it expressed creatively in our annual Halloween costume contest, our recent Dev Challenge, and of course, our annual Holiday Out-of-Office competition. We have three categories: humor, design, and story. Without further ado, the 2018/2019 Holiday Out of Office winners are…

Humor :: Jess Wilton

I’m out of the office until December 26th, probably binging on Christmas movies and music. Until we meet again, here’s a little Christmas trivia quiz for your stocking.

1. In the movie Elf, the Central Park Rangers hate Santa because

a. They’re nihilists
b. He put them on the naughty list and they never forgave them
c. He never cleans up all the reindeer poop left in the park in the wake of his sleigh, even though the park staff leave bag stations fully stocked at all times
d. He left them a lump of coal in their stockings

2. It’s Christmas time in Hollis, Queens: what does Run find in the park and try to return to Santa?

a. Oh my god, an ill reindeer
b. A bag full of goodies
c. A wallet with a million dollars in it
d. Letters from all the little girls and boys

3. What is the most likely reason given for why the Grinch hates Christmas?

a. He prefers his roast beast well done and the Whos always serve it rare
b. All the noise from electro whocarnio flooks
c. His heart is two sizes too small
d. He has elf envy

4. In the movie Die Hard, Hans Gruber accuses John McClane of being “another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he’s _______”

a. Marshall Dillon
b. John Wayne
c. Rambo
d. All of the above

(scroll down for answers)

Happy holidays to all — even you grinches and Santa-denying truthers our there! 😉



Design :: Greg Adams

Story :: Karen Engstrom 

I’m Quirky. Which you probably just noticed since that was the intro to my Holiday Out of Office message… But at CodeScience, I am barely distinguishable from the herd. That is, I am right at home…I have found my people.

One of my quirks is that I love writing but I hate Thank you cards. Sorry mom, ’tis true. So in my adult years on this planet, I have taken up overly thanking people because maybe if I say it again and again then I won’t need to buy, not lose, not guess how many I need and generally just be confused by stamps?

One of the other things I have found here at CodeScience is a culture full of people that take every chance to celebrate each other and our accomplishments. (Sidenote: if you don’t know what feels like at work, and you’re not alone, you really should give it a try or try to find it. Hint: We’re hiring!)

So for my Out of Office notice this year I am going to make it one long Legend of the Moment (For you not yet CodeScientists that is what we call our spontaneous acknowledgment awards) for this amazing year full of some of the best times I have ever had at work.

Some of us are killing it right now:

I nominate Ron.. who not only knows literally everything about everything Salesforce and also our 401k, but for liking all of my posts in the CookingAndEating Slack channel. I sometimes feel like I have to plate my dinner special and get my photo angle just right so Ron will take an extra second and comment, not just throw the emoji.

I nominate Asterisk.. for always giving a Kapow or a Papow! If you ever need a pick me up talk to Asterisk for seriously 2 minutes and your course is corrected. He also knows how to keep a friend from making ill-advised waffle house runs at 4 AM and is a Bad Ass interviewer I just learned.

I nominate Cathie…I needed me some Cathie in my life. NEED I tell you. She not only is a damn ray of sunshine, she happens to be able to read minds and stay 2 steps ahead of me at all times. Without Cathie this place would be half the size, literally, as I would still be scheduling people I met in June. #Sorry

I nominate Brian.. I’m not sure he actually knows how to slow down and I just do my best to keep up. Now if Molly would only let him get that Mullet we have all been begging for. (Offer is still on the table
Molly, name your price!)

I nominate Javier, Jim, AJ and really all the team members who graciously hand me their friends and former co-workers and trust that I will take good care of them. That I will make sure they see what we are all about and how they could add their hopes and dreams to the melting pot and grow this crazy special thing that is CodeScience. I thank each of you who have felt the sting of not having the right job (yet) for those people that you know in your gut are awesome and would make this place more awesomer.. and I think you for coming back for more!

I nominate Coni.. because in subtle and in loud ways alike, she truly is the best Boss I have ever had. She has my back and even when we have the tough convos, I thank her for caring  to help me grow, so I can help CS grow. I don’t think she always knows how special she is and that when we say we couldn’t do this without her that is not hyperbole. If you ever need anything Coni…I’ve got bail money!

Pretty awesome, right? Anyway, this is the kind of thing we do.

I could go on…literally forever…and sometimes we do (there may or may not be a video of a 2-hour random hot mic praise session from our last all hands).

But the point is.. My Holiday Wish for all of you is.. Find a way to tell people that you care, that they are appreciated and do it now… Do it often and you don’t even need stamps to do it (I think)!

and also…we’re hiring!

Happy Everything…Merry Always…

Do you like to have fun, express your creativity, solve problems and do it with the wittiest, most charming folks you’ll ever meet in your life? You’re in luck! We’re hiring!!!