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Founded in 2008, CodeScience was one of the first PDOs (Product Development Organization) for Salesforce focusing on building products on the Salesforce platform, and now the first to receive the PDO Masters designation from Salesforce. We’ve brought more than 100 products to market on the AppExchange and we’re just getting started.

With offices in Chattanooga, TN and San Francisco, CA, we support the unique needs of ISV companies, guiding them through the full lifecycle, including the plan, build/test, distribution, marketing, sales and support phases. We create amazing products for the AppExchange at top speed, but we’re so much more than a super-fast development shop. We bring special expertise to the table to support SaaS businesses. Our clients look to us to bring solutions to market that transform their business and bottom line while avoiding common pitfalls companies can encounter when they grow.

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At CodeScience, culture is king, queen and court jester all rolled into one. We’re seasoned Salesforce experts who are passionate about doing amazing work, but we’re also a group of adults who refuse to let go of our childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. We like a good challenge and we love difficult projects. Every hard question is a chance for us to do what we do best: collaborate, innovate and answer complexity with simplicity. Together, we mix equal parts precision and play to create amazing apps for our clients.

Mike Witherspoon

President and Partner

Mike spent his rearing years traveling around the world as an Army brat and grew up in Germany, New York, Belgium, Virginia, Oklahoma and Florida. He continued this trend as an adult living in Seattle, Toronto, New Orleans, Charlotte, Thailand, Manhattan and Washington DC before settling permanently in San Francisco a few years ago. Mike started as a baby PriceWaterhouseCoopers management consultant during the dot com boom, sixteen years ago. During the first eight years of his career at PWC and subsequently Searchspace, Mike was a software consultant in the utilities and banking sectors. Following that Mike spent three years in the Salesforce consulting realm at Bluewolf with positions as a solution architect and account executive. In 2008, Mike founded CodeScience initially focusing on solution architecture and now on growing the company.   Mike lives in the realm of making decisions when there is no clear path and enjoys working on any complex problem without a correct solution. Second to that, Mike loves watching others succeed. Whether it’s seeing a client’s software product succeed in the marketplace or one of our consultants on stage at a conference or a developer sharing an interesting coding technique she just learned, those are the moments Mike smiles about before going to sleep.   Mike loves waking up with a yoga practice followed by breakfast with a friend….followed by an extended pool or costume party and the yearly trips to the desert for Burning Man. After spending a year teaching SCUBA in Thailand and half his vacations in search of tropical fish, you should have no doubt that Mike would rather be underwater than doing anything else. That’s not entirely true, Mike prefers eating cheese and then going for a dive.

Molly Walsh

Director of Marketing

Molly was born and raised in Northern California by Buddhist Deadhead parents. For the past 25 years, she has happily been in marketing, sales, and events, a calling sparked out of college when she produced regional campaigns for clients like General Mills.

Molly relishes the thrill and camaraderie of working in an entrepreneurial environment. Her love of the tech industry began in the heat of the last Silicon Valley boom, when she co-founded and led the marketing for a B2B start-up that was ultimately acquired. Molly’s happy place includes brainstorming on the next big idea to create client engagement and then executing with precision. She has a passion for promoting sustainability and is on the Board of the Green Meeting Industry Council in the Bay Area. On off-hours, you can find Molly at home with her two sons, Finn and Pax, and her husband, Brian, in the Marin redwoods. 

Coni Thomas

Director of Operations

Like the wizard behind the curtain in Oz, Coni thinks the role of operations is to make the company run so smoothly no one ever notices the work. Between a career in advertising and a career in Disaster Management, Coni fell into Operations and she loves it. She has always enjoyed finding creative solutions for problems (solving puzzles) and creating processes so things run effortlessly with a dash of event planning (who doesn’t love a good party?). 

When everyone one else is running around with their hair on fire, Coni likes to be the one holding the bucket. She approaches business problems with logic, serenity, and a fierce commitment to the agreed upon schedule. Whether in classrooms, boardrooms, or workshops, Coni pays keen interest to the strengths that her fellow teammates bring to the table so she can identify and encourage the best person for a specific job. Coni’s a frequent citizen of the web, of dinner parties, and the Atlanta music festival scene. She likes costumes, quirky design, and DIY projects. Coni doesn’t shy away from challenges, and she’ll organize the heck out anyone else’s until it’s done. 

Jason Dodds

Senior Director of Delivery

As comfortable with code as he is in a conference room, Jason is in his element when there is a problem to solve or a product to build.  Having spent many years as a engineer/consultant in the public and private sectors in Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA, Jason brings a seasoned and diverse outlook to building software.  He is tasked with finding and mentoring the best minds in the business, and making sure CodeScience is the best job they will ever have.

We even let him talk to clients too.Jason’s first bytes of perfectly debugged code were stored on a magnetic cassette tape drive attached to a Commodore VIC20.  He now likes to store his code in the cloud, where his automated DevOps processes can lint it, test it and deploy it when and where it’s needed.  Jason highly values innovation and quality, and he funnels both of those attributes towards the goal of delivering business value.  From building elegant and intuitive single page applications on the client-side to complex integrations and service layers on the back-end, Jason knows the fabric of the web and how to use it to deliver solutions for our clients. Jason is a proud resident of Georgia, and has also called Texas, California, Illinois, Mississippi and the nation’s capital home.  That same diversity in regions (and personalities) along with working with great clients is why he calls CodeScience home too. 

Jeremy Engler

Director of Expert Services

Jeremy was made in northern New Jersey but had the good fortune to be moved to the Bay Area when he was three (if only his dad had had the good sense to go work for that little computer company up the street in Cupertino…sigh).

After settling permanently in a little town in the East Bay called Moraga, he now lives just over the hills in Oakland, CA, with his wife and young daughter, with the rest of his extended family very close by, for whom he will be ever grateful. Jeremy’s career path originally intersected with in the beginning of 2003 as a Customer Support Rep specializing in large, named accounts like AMD and Cardinal Health. It was here that he had his “salesforce moment” and realized this was his future. After roles managing operations for the newly launched AppExchange and developing and designing products for VerticalResponse, Jeremy found himself playing a lot of volleyball with one Mike Witherspoon. Soon after Jeremy informed Mike that he now worked for him and what was his first project please? 5 years later, Jeremy is now the resident expert on getting apps through security review and has taken dozens of them live on the AppExchange. Jeremy’s specialty is his ability to help clients understand how their successful product would be best represented on the platform. He has extensive experience not only with the functional areas of the app, but is also deeply versed in how users want things to behave. Seamless, easy to use products are his goal every time.

Jeremy is an enabler. Not in a bad way, but he’s able to take a client from knowing zero about the platform to seeing their product take shape and become a reality on the platform. Jeremy looks forward to seeing the install numbers from our various apps get emailed to him every Friday.

Jeff Goree

Director of Sales

Jeff grew up in Texas and North Carolina and now calls Greensboro, North Carolina, his home. Jeff began working as a developer in 2002 and has been working with the platform since 2008. He is good at solving process and technical issues for clients. He loves to provide solutions that simplify people’s lives and help them to quickly see results.

When he isn’t working, Jeff is chasing a golf ball through the woods or suffering through a University of South Carolina football game. He can never stop reading anything that he can get his hands on.

Eddie Blazer

Director of Technical Architecture

Eddie is a military brat who grew up in Europe and Texas, but now calls Portland, Oregon, home. Eddie wrote his first line of code on the family computer when he was 10, and has been working in this field professionally for 15 years. Much like Vanilla Ice, Eddie can solve any problem,  but he really enjoys the art of figuring out the right combination of people, process and Eddie technology to achieve a client’s vision. enjoys getting his team excited about solving client problems and watching a client bask in the glory of those solutions with child-like wonder. These days, Eddie’s weekends are spent raising an architect baby and herding an architect cat with his architect wife, but he also can be found camping, climbing mountains, and experiencing the thousands of microbrews and food carts that Portland has to offer. One thing you can always count on Eddie to be doing is perfecting the art of tinkering.

    Brian Walsh

    CEO and Partner

    Brian was a Navy brat, moving every 3-4 years, generally bouncing from a beach somewhere to the Washington, DC metro area. After progressing from Philadelphia to New York City, Brian found his true home in San Francisco, CA. Brian’s father gave him an Atari 800XL computer in 1981. He has been working with computers ever since. The first domain he registered ( was in 1995. Yes – three letter domains were still available (and cheap!) in 1995. Brian loves to lead teams through impossible challenges. The tougher the challenge, the more motivated he is. He finds it most rewarding to see the incredible teams he leads stretch and achieve more than they thought was attainable. The incredible, growing, and improving team at CodeScience is the ultimate measure of Brian’s contribution and one he is most proud of. In the brief hours away from his keyboard, he is most definitely playing with his two sons, Finn and Pax, and beautiful wife Molly. He loves to unwind from work and family by cooking up a storm in the kitchen. As of late, his cooking has been back to basics, with menus featuring the bountiful produce of his home in Marin County.