On May 4th, CodeScientists from around the US and Mexico and Canada did something we haven’t done in over 3 years…we gathered together in Denver to connect, recharge, create memories, build relationships, and have a lot of fun. Working hard and playing hard is built into the DNA of a CodeScientist. Our reputation in the Salesforce community speaks for our work, but what you don’t always see is how well we play together. CodeScientists value finding room for play as much as we celebrate our expertise. It’s been a long time since we’ve all had a reason to unplug from our day to day to be together in person, but with this All Hands experience came the opportunity to bring back a beloved tradition…the Out of Office Competition!

Out of Office emails are just a fact of business life. It’s imperative to let clients, partners, and vendors know when they will hear back from you and what you’re up to! But it doesn’t have to be boring (unless boring is your thing!). Harkening all the way back to the Holidays 2013 (10 years ago) CodeScience has a history of making OoO emails a little…extra.

This year we had categories ranging from Humor and Design, to Storytelling and Pets! Below are a few of our favorites!

Dawna Kelley leaned into our #sustainability value (and an excellent use of emojis) with her out of office message:

As much as I love working from home, sometimes you just need to hang out with the peeps. That’s what I’ll be doing for the next four days, at the annual CodeScience All-Hands in beautiful Denver, CO! 🏔 🥾 🍻

I will return to “the office” on Tuesday, May 9th. I may occasionally sign on while I am away, but if you don’t hear from me, I’ll return your message as soon as possible.As we all know, traveling can have a significant impact on the environment, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. If you have some upcoming travel planned, here are a few tips to consider:

– Use public transportation or carpool when possible. (I will be having a blast exploring Denver’s RTD Rail System!)

– Pack light. The heavier your luggage, the more fuel the plane or vehicle will use.

– Choose eco-friendly accommodations. Look for hotels and other accommodations that have sustainability initiatives in place, such as energy-efficient lighting and water-saving features.

Those are the easy and obvious ideas, you might say. Well, here’s even more tips and tricks to see how you can help decrease your carbon footprint while traveling!
Have a great day, and I look forward to getting back to you soon! 🍃

Alagu Chellappa really incorporates Salesforce into all that he does, I present…

Salesforce Objects – Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Case, Email Message, Activities, Events, Account Team, Location
Salesforce functionality – Einstein Bots, Validation rule, auto response rule, Lookup relationship, person account, Sharing, Visibility
Salesforce programming related words – Apex, SOQL query
Salesforce keywords – Classic, Lightning, Release, Setup, Object Manager, Date field, Role Hierarchy, Standard, Custom, Home

Thanks for your EMAIL MESSAGE. Here is my AUTO-RESPONSE email. Our entire COMPANY is going to All hands for the DATES (04/04 – 04/07) in Denver LOCATION. I just don’t want to miss this OPPORTUNITY to LOOK UP all CONTACTS IN PERSON, LEADing to good RELATIONSHIPs. As an APEX, there are a lot of STANDARD ACTIVITIES and CUSTOM EVENTS planned as well. In CASE of assistance, please contact our ACCOUNT TEAM. They will VALIDATE your QUERY and provide a response promptly. If you need a LIGHTNING response, please contact my (OBJECT) MANAGER in ROLE HIERARCHY.

Thanks for being our CLASSIC customer and understanding that this weekend’s fun RELEASE is important to continue our extraordinary SERVICE to you!

Note : Don’t be afraid that this message is SETUP with EINSTEIN BOTs. Although AI is rising, Connecting humans is always Awesome (Before, Now and ever ) !!
I will be right back HOME and talk to you in person after SHARING my time and VISIBILITY with my fellow CodeScientists.

Amanda Hill left her adorable assistant, Piper, in charge of her email for the week…

Hi there!

I’m Piper! 🐶

My mom is away from her computer for a few days, but she left me in charge of her email until she’s back on Sunday. 🐶 I’m only 7 months old, so I’m still learning how to type (it’s ruff without opposable thumbs). 🐾

I will do my puppy best to respond while she’s having fun with her fellow Code Scientists in Denver!

Shaz Mahmood worked closely with his BFF ChatGPT to craft a clever poem in his absence –

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I’m out of the office,
And so are you!

But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon,
And we’ll get to work on our to-do’s.
For now, enjoy the sunshine and fun,
And know that our work will get done.

So leave me a message, if you please,
And I’ll get back to you with ease.
Until then, have a great day,
And don’t forget to stop and play!

Credits: My bff ChatGPT

And Julia Squiers managed to capture the intent of our All Hands event beautifully in her out of office message –

Staying engaged matters, yes, but make it silly where you can. Do you like to have fun, express your creativity, solve problems and do it with the wittiest, most charming folks you’ll ever meet in your life? You’re in luck! Our beloved Talent Acquisition Manager, Karen Engstrom, would love to chat with you!