Brian Walsh
Feb 24, 2016

We are celebrating this week. CodeScience is honored to be recognized as the #1 professional services (PS) company in the 2016 Best of the Best Award by Service Performance Insight (SPI). Over 500 PS organizations are represented in this benchmark study; collectively these firms generated over $69 billion in PS revenue. We are privileged to be a leader among this esteemed group of industry colleagues.

What Made C|S Stand Out from the PS Crowd

CodeScience is proud to share some key metrics that contributed to our award:

  • Employee utilization hovers around 80% which is relatively high compared to our peers.
  • Voluntary attrition was < 5%, a key metric that led to almost doubling our headcount last year.
  • Involuntary attrition was 2%, driven by our rigorous hiring practices and our emphasis on only using internal recruiters.

Behind the Stats

Here’s the real story. We wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t made a critical investment in our leadership team, an unwavering commitment to nurturing our culture, and some smart decisions on how to leverage best of breed technologies.

Investment in our Leadership Team

We knew two years ago when we started building our leadership team that we needed to grow this team to grow the company. A key portion of our success has been our deep investment in our leadership team through biannual summits and an executive coach that focuses on both the team and the individual. As a leadership team, we not only work together, we are invested in growing together as a team. We review each other's’ performance and provide critical feedback. Communication is paramount through consistent weekly team video calls. CodeScience values management and leadership as much as we value delivery. A professional services company is only as good as its employees; each director is responsible for bringing in the next great CodeScientist.

Culture is King

One decree stands unchanged from our inception: our culture is unique. It must be carefully cultivated and carry over even as we grow. CodeScience defines culture as what happens in between rules and regulations; something authentic that’s built on strong values. We strive to create an environment for our employees to be successful and innovative. Our culture is not only shared internally but also externally with our clients (it’s fun to work with us!). A couple ways we nurture our culture include:

  • Minion of the Moment Awards - Any employee can nominate any employee (or client) at any time for “crushing it”. The winner receives a Minion doll and $100. We love reading the recommendations!
  • Face time - With half of our employees working remotely, we knew we had to create opportunities for face-to-face encounters to forge deeper relationships. We periodically bring departments together plus host an annual All Hands company meeting for education and team building.  
  • Video - Amazingly, we conduct the majority of our business using Google Hangouts. We find that the use of video conference brings us together and erases the thousands of miles that may sit between us.

Without a doubt, culture is our #1 investment.

Leveraging Technology

CodeScience relies heavily on technology to manage our 89% year on year growth. We simply couldn’t have done it without our incredible vendor partners. We run our business in the cloud and have brought together best of breed applications. Our business is measured with these tools, so we are able to quickly take action to correct or prevent behavior that may negatively impact the customer, the company or our employees.  We use:

All of the data from these core applications feed and interoperate with the Salesforce platform, providing full cycle visibility across how we market, sell, and deliver services to our customers. Having a single database to be able to manage from lead to cash is the key to responsibly growing our company profitably, without outside investment.

Thank You to SPI

When you are head’s down delivering great products for companies like Salesforce, Lattice Engines, DemandBase, and ICIX, you are laser-focused on the task at hand. This award delightfully caught us by surprise and we are proud to take a moment to celebrate as a team. Go CodeScientists - together we did it!

Our growth for the coming year is fueled by doubling our commitment to ISVs and SaaS companies, supporting them through all of their stages of growth. We think we have the best job in the world: working with passionate entrepreneurs and growing along beside them.

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