A great group of CodeScientists have hit the road to participate in the first annual Southeast Dreamin‘. This 1.5 day conference kicks off tonight in Atlanta. Southeast Dreamin’ was created by Salesforce users for Salesforce users, to provide learning and networking opportunities as well as facilitate collaboration. We’re proud to be a part of it!

Some of our featured folks and sessions on the podium include:

Jeff Goree, Director of Sales & Barton Ledford, Technical Architect:

“Yes, Atlanta, You can Build an AppExchange App” – The quick and dirty process to building an app and getting it on the AppExchange. We’ll walk through the 5 critical steps to get you excited about creating your own app, plus common gotchas and pitfalls regularly seen for people new to the process.

Brian Walsh, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer:

“Preventing Feature Creep and Actually Deliver a Solution” – Years and years of experience have provided me with a long list of tools in working with users, managers, executives, and owners in actually getting a solution live. The longer a project takes, the more likely you will have feature creep. As feature creep takes hold, one, or both, outcomes is likely: missing deadlines and lowering quality. This talk will focus on the tools and techniques needed to stay focused and deliver a great solution.

Mohith Shrivastava, Developer (& newly-minted Salesforce MVP) & Barton Ledford, Technical Architect:

“Lightning Strikes Twice, Building Next-Gen Apps” – How do we tackle development on the Lightning frontier? We’ll explore the latest use cases for Lightning components in Communities, Lightning Experience, and even Aloha. You’ll also see how to use SLDS within lightning experience to make your Visualforce pages flash!

Please say hello to our team if you’re at the event. We’d love to meet you!