Equal parts precision and play.

Click Here to Learn More We work on all kinds of projects, but we get really excited about the jobs that others shy from. Our passion and experience with makes us some of the most skilled programmers and app developers you'll find. Some might even say we make a science of it.

What we do is platform development, AppExchange product development, and CRM implementation and business process consulting, but how we do it is way more interesting. We work on all levels of projects, but we enjoy especially challenging terrain. It’s important that our customers walk away with their expectations surpassed for a price that works. We also like to have some fun along the way.

  • Platform Development Platform Development

    At our core, we’re a development shop. We do custom platform development at any level of technical difficulty. Projects involving Apex, Visualforce, portals, and Sites are our specialty. Just define the requirements and we'll use our expertise to help you leverage the platform quickly and powerfully.

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  • AppExchange Product Development

    AppExchange Product Development

    We use our domain knowledge and technical expertise to develop applications for companies to deploy on the AppExchange. Whether your product adds functionality to Salesforce, integrates your existing product with the platform, or just does something cool, we want to build it.

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  • CRM Implementation & Business Process Consulting

    CRM Implementation & Business Process Consulting

    Our skilled project managers can set up sales, service, and other business processes for a diverse range of companies, both in size and offering. From basic implementations to complex projects extending’s CRM capabilities, we approach each project with creativity, efficiency, and a keen eye for detail.

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Nothing illustrates a company’s ability quite like a story, so we’d like to share a few of how we put our science to the test.

  • Contant ContactCodeScience was instrumental in helping us achieve our MarketPlace vision. We relied on them not only to develop the site, but to provide guidance on almost every design decision.”

    - Wendy Wong, SaaS Program Manager

  • Make a WishCodeScience has taken our evolving requirements and built a wildly popular internal application. We started with a focus on a narrow group of international chapters. However, the response has been so overwhelming that our application is now the standard to manage all wishes across our 150+ member affiliates and chapters. We are looking forward to what CodeScience can do as we move more IT systems to the platform.”

    - Pete Finley; COO

  • GlanceFrom day one CodeScience has been an invaluable partner, providing critical product and platform knowledge that was essential to our initial product offering’s success.”

    - Rich Baker; CEO Glance Networks


  • Mike Witherspoon


    Mike is a certified consultant who loves tackling really hard problems with innovative solutions. After twelve years of improving business processes for a broad client list, Mike likes to say that he's earned one of the most practical MBAs in the world.



    Tim has expertise in just about everything that warrants strings of indecipherable capital letters. He’s a technologist, developer, and entrepreneur who began programming at the age of 12.

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Seeking mad scientists.

Click Here to Learn More Part of our culture at CodeScience is to treat everybody like an adult. This is handy because, while kids are cool, we don’t hire them. Instead, our team has a ton of experience building solutions and products on the platform (among others) and includes previous employees and instructors. We counter technical expertise with creative thinking and a need to push boundaries and ourselves. We're committed to doing the job right and having a blast while doing it. Sound like you?
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