Health Information Technology Organization – Blind Case Study

NOTE: this is a blind case study

Key Problems Solved

  • CodeScience delivered a scalable, enterprise-ready product within four months to meet an aggressive timeline for a major industry event
  • Cut initial release development in half and unlocked new pipeline
  • The client’s team now can approach development focused on features, rather than one-time customizations

A Chaotic Realignment

After a reorganization, a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services found itself with tremendous redundancies. The software they inherited within the organization highlighted overlaps in feature functions and use cases. They were left with an assortment of software products with various degrees of product maturity and no clear path on how to move forward.

The client was interested in combining legacy-based products from multiple platforms and moving them to Salesforce, and they needed to get this high visibility product to market quickly. They could either redevelop the products and processes already in place or rebuild completely. After examining the whole picture, they realized the best option would be to take advantage of the latest Salesforce technology, start fresh, and provide the team with the most flexibility in the future. In their words, “no matter how much you renovate, you still have some baggage and old plumbing.” The goal was to start from square one and launch a next generation compliance product suite that provided business agility and utilized analytics to make products smarter.

Overcoming Redundancies

The client was attempting to support unique compliance regulations in the healthcare & life sciences (HLS) space across multiple countries and had been hampered by a few core issues, one of which was not having a scalable product or QA system. Their current product generated errors due to its new larger size and their testing no longer matched their scale, so customers were identifying large data volume issues before the team spotted them. On top of those issues, their resources were already stretched thin from supporting their legacy products and could not be extended.

The team needed to bring a new product to market quickly and seamlessly and get their initial customers to prove traction. They also wanted to ensure that they were creating a strong foundation if they were to start from scratch. They worried that they would try to do too much at once and rush to build “the next cool thing” before they were ready.

To start the process, the client brought together a diverse team capable of handling any challenge. What they didn’t have was expertise in Salesforce. The client was new to the Salesforce ecosystem and didn’t have the technical knowledge or time necessary to quickly build a new product and get it to market. They needed a trusted advisor who would bring Salesforce expertise to match their own expertise in global compliance.

“A Relationship of Trust”

To achieve their ambitious goals, this team knew they would need a partner. They began to search for experts who could act as an unbiased third party they could trust to tell them where they were going right — or wrong. They wanted to gain confidence in their decision-making process by vetting their ideas with a team of Salesforce experts. And they were particularly eager to take full advantage of the Salesforce platform and make sure they were using the latest, most innovative, and creative ways of leveraging it.

When the client partnered with CodeScience, they knew they had found a partner they could trust to expedite their build, guide their team in the right direction, and get them using best practices moving forward.

This project was a big capital expenditure and I was putting my name on the line. Working with CodeScience helped me sleep at night — it gave me the confidence we were going to be successful.”

The Finish Line

CodeScience offered the client independent vetting, innovation, and acceleration. We worked with the team already in place to combine their products into one suite and enabled the team to move faster and reduce R&D investment by leveraging Salesforce frameworks. The CodeScience team built a multilingual, multi-architectural product suite to support the needs of customers around the world.

CodeScience also provided the ability to onboard channel partners to scale their customer base, and expand sales channels. The product was commercially scalable to serve large, enterprise customers and within four months, the team was demoing it at a major industry conference.

[The CodeScience team] were not going to ‘yes’ us. They were going to tell us where they agreed and disagreed. They were going to tell us where we had bumps in the road.”

With multiple packages, maintenance and license management became easier for their team and QA was able to spin up environments with sample data to cover various scenarios. The team was now able to execute feature-based development instead of one-off customizations.

These improvements allowed for a quicker path to revenue and provided an immediate increase in contracts. By working with CodeScience to fully leverage the advantages of building on the Salesforce platform, the team managed to beat their aggressive timeline on a highly visible project and come in under budget.

We had the team that could get to the finish line, but CodeScience gave us a big push out of the gate, and that got us to the finish line a whole lot faster…And that cut our initial release development in half.”

Whether you’re a long time partner or just now evaluating the Salesforce ecosystem, we would love the opportunity to help you build for success.