The Salesforce Security Review is a rigorous process designed to ensure the security of every solution listed on the AppExchange. In our latest tech webinar, CodeScience ISV Specialist, Jeremy Engler, reviews recent updates to the Security Review Wizard and shares some valuable tips and tricks to help ISVs pass Sec Rev and get their app to market faster.

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What is the Security Review Wizard?

Jeremy kicks off the webinar by defining the Security Review Wizard as a special UI inside the Salesforce Partner Community where all ISVs need to submit their apps for review before they can begin selling their app on the AppExchange.

As Jeremy explains, “even if you’re not going to list the app publicly, you still need to have an ISV Agreement with Salesforce and you need to pass the security review.” This is how Salesforce ensures that all customers can be confident that their data will remain secure and they will not be exposed to security breaches when using any app on the AppExchange. 

Recent Updates to the Wizard

True to its name, the Security Review Wizard is a wizard-based UI that walks ISVs through each step of the Sec Rev process. Jeremy notes that the UI now allows users to jump back and forth between steps and also provides completion status feedback on each page in case you have missed any items. 

He then provides a quick overview of the Sec Rev Wizard steps before diving into a comprehensive demo, including all of the recent updates and some valuable advice to help you save time and ensure your success when you submit your app for review. You’ll need to register here to see the demo in action!

Tips & Tricks to Pass Sec Rev Faster

Jeremy shares a number of helpful tips and tricks to help you be better prepared for the Sec Rev process so you can pass more quickly. His number one tip? “Do not wait until the day you want to submit your app for Security Review to start looking at the wizard!” Start early, click through each step of the wizard, and begin preparing your answers and deliverables well before you plan to submit your app. 

Another great tip: Your marketing team can begin filling out the content for your listing (including white papers, videos, screen shots, etc.) while you’re preparing to submit your app for Sec Rev — there’s no need to wait until after you pass. ISVs can get their app to market that much faster by following this tip. As Jeremy explains, “If you’ve got your listing ready and your app passes Security Review, you can go public with your listing that day.”

Jeremy closes with some valuable perspective he’s gained from his many years helping ISVs pass Security Review. While many ISVs dread the Sec Rev process due to its stringent, pass/fail nature, “Salesforce wants you to pass! This isn’t some sort of gate where they’re trying to keep people out because of the nature of their apps.” 

He adds, “I like to think of this as a security-hardening sprint.” If you do fail on your first try, “that’s not a bad thing. Salesforce is giving you some good feedback so you can make your app more secure.” And that helps keep the entire ecosystem more secure, stronger, and more resilient.

To learn more and watch Jeremy’s thorough demo of the Security Review Wizard, watch the webinar today!

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