Have you ever wanted to know the inside scoop of a recruiter’s job? New to the recruiting role myself, my favorite part of the recruiting process is talking to candidates and learning what they are passionate about and excited to do next in their career. I love meeting prospective employees, getting to know their personalities, and picturing them as a CodeScientist. 

I’ve heard recruiting being compared to matchmaking. Interviews are like speed dating, where you get to know each other through short virtual interactions, and the final and most rewarding part is making an offer to a candidate for a role that’s their perfect match.

Preparing for a CodeScience Interview

Interviewing for a role at a new company can be a daunting task. Preparation can feel like a long to-do list where you don’t even know where to start. In our remote work world, it’s important to make a great impression through each virtual interview in the process. 

So what’s the secret sauce to becoming the next CodeScientist? 

In addition to the hard skills and experience required for a role, we look for candidates with similar values to ours. We look for people who are intellectually curious, lifelong learners, and interested in gaining new skills and making the world better. At CodeScience, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we want you to feel comfortable bringing your whole self to work. 

Make Mom Proud

One of our values at CodeScience is ‘Make Mom Proud (Unless she is Cruella de Vil)’. It’s the feeling of doing the right thing to the best of your ability, even when no one is looking. Working in a remote world, there is a lot of trust and ambiguity that happens behind the screen. In terms of interviewing, it’s the moment of “I want to make my mom proud” when you are presenting the best version of yourself. And the reward, in this case, is joining an amazing team!

One thing that stood out to me most while I was interviewing at CodeScience was how conversational the interviews were. I felt like I was talking to a friend, sharing my experiences, and was able to ask my interviewers questions about their experience as a CodeScientist. 

I was able to easily display my personality, share my goals and aspirations, and explain what made me the most qualified candidate. This helped the team determine if I was a good fit for the role as well as fairly assess my skills and experiences. In other words, in the interview process, I was able to present myself in a way that would ‘make mom proud’ (and she is not Cruella de Vil!). Now that I’m on the other side of interviews, I make sure to recreate the same amazing interview experience for candidates going through our interview process. 

What makes a CodeScientist?

Autumn Michaelides, a Senior Delivery Development Manager at Codescience, is a seasoned interviewer and has been thoroughly involved in our hiring process for technical roles here at CodeScience. Here are 5 things Autumn wants candidates to know, and will certainly make mom proud:

  1. Tailor your resume for the role for which you are applying. Trim your role and responsibilities for each job or project to the things that you think we really want to know.
  2. Prior to your interview, read up on CodeScience. Know what we do and prepare probing questions about how we do it. You can also ask the recruiter for recommendations on blog posts to read.
  3. Be honest about your strengths and areas for growth. We are a company that values transparency and we appreciate it when candidates talk frankly about where they are in their career and the skills they are looking to grow.
  4. Be a good communicator. We are a consulting company. From your interviews, we need to have confidence in your ability to speak at least one-on-one with a client and become a trusted partner. Not all roles require speaking to a large audience, but communication skills are important. This involves listening skills, asking good questions, and speaking with confidence in a concise manner.
  5. Be yourself. We are not looking for you to fit a particular mold for a CodeScientist. We believe that everyone brings something unique and valuable to our culture. Culture is not fixed. It is constantly evolving and we want you along for the ride. 

We are all doing our best

Remember we are all human, working from home! It’s normal to see your kids and family walk into the room unexpectedly, or have your cat and dog fighting in the background. At CodeScience, we want you to know there’s no need to apologize for the unexpected and we run into those very same instances ourselves. We are all trying to do our best, which would definitely make our mom proud.

CodeScience is hiring! While you are here, take a look at the career openings we have on our site.