Adam Haskew
Jun 22, 2020

Our webinar series offers an in-depth look at Salesforce’s latest, return-to-work business solutions. So far in the series, we have covered the interdependencies of rolling out a managed package on and the integration patterns ISVs need to plan for, as well as what you need to know to build on one of's most powerful features, the command center

In our third installment of the webinar series, we discuss the significant market opportunities for ISVs within and why product and technology team alignment, keeping sales and go-to-market teams in sync, and positioning a product alongside Salesforce are critical to success. CodeScience CEO Brian Walsh and CRO Sean Hogan discuss key areas of opportunity within and strategies to get ISV solutions to market — fast. 

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Negative Space in

Although we are still in the relatively early days of — with Command Center and several other tools listed as GA — there are already negative space opportunities for ISVs identified by Salesforce. These vital segments cover everything from visitor health and tracking to travel management. But, as Brian explains, the negative space goes deeper.

Brian notes, “The Command Center is a system of engagement — it’s the tool people will log into to access business-essential processes. By its own nature, it is negative space — an open field to address problems. But we need to look at the personas and the types of companies using because the map of negative space looks different according to how specific companies operate.”

Negative space within Salesforce allows ISVs to be brought into deals that they may have otherwise never heard about. With Salesforce already indicating negative space within, releasing a product while the market is undersaturated represents a huge potential windfall for ISVs looking to break into the ecosystem. But how do you tap into this negative space?

The key to unlocking the abundant negative space within the Command Center is clearly articulating the key pain points individual companies experience and how ISVs can address them. Brian walks through three key examples of current Salesforce ISVs whose technologies stand to benefit significantly from negative space within Using these technologies as a foundation and drawing connections to business personas, Brian shows how companies can quickly slot their products into areas of opportunity.

The Path to Success

Following Brian’s in-depth discussion of negative space within, Sean shares the recipe for success for ISVs seeking to build on 

“The first point to consider about is that it is a net-new tech with no deep install base,” explains Sean. “There is a significant opportunity to go to your install base and customers to ask what they are doing with their employees and supply chain and how your solution can add value. is prime for ideation and that process begins with your customers. Salesforce values partners who help bring in net-new deals, and doing so quickly builds trust for newer partners, paving the way for easier collaboration with the Salesforce teams. ”

The next step on the path to success is aligning with Salesforce. After working with customers to form an idea for a offering, pressure test it with your Salesforce partner account manager. Doing so will help refine a proposed solution and target opportunities for Salesforce to bring in additional cloud offerings, resulting in a bigger sales push for the ISV.

As the above graphic illustrates, the path to success requires identifying gaps to solve, aligning these gaps with key customer personas, and expanding alongside Salesforce. After all, every seat is a net-new opportunity for Salesforce direct sales. ISVs that can bring other Salesforce solutions along with a offering stand to benefit from a strong partnership with Salesforce.

We also showcase how ISVs should approach Salesforce to position their solution and what marketing messages, tools, and frameworks they need to create now to create the most reach. Register now to see the webinar in full

The potential of is waiting to be tapped, and we’re accelerating partners’ strategies to get there. Learn more at

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