2020 has presented obstacles — and opportunities — for businesses across all industries. For healthcare organizations, however, the COVID-19 pandemic represented the most unexpected compelling event for digital transformation. In addition to the pandemic, healthcare businesses continually operate within a changing landscape of regulations and evolving demographics. So, how do all of these factors impact the journey through digital transformation, and how should healthcare organizations strategize in light of these developing circumstances?

To help answer these questions, we brought CodeScience Health and Life Sciences Industry Lead Melissa Laake, and Alexandra Sharp, Principal for Strategic Health Partners at Salesforce, in our latest webinar Health Cloud: Digital Transformation Driving Time to Value.

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Breaking Down Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Melissa and Alex’s presentation begins with an overview of trends within healthcare. According to Melissa and Alex, prior to 2020, healthcare organizations were characterized by their cautious approaches to digital transformation, due in large part to significant regulatory oversight and responsibilities to patients and their families. This year and moving into 2021, however, hospitals and health systems are being faced with a series of compelling events that spark the need for more capable digital solutions. Notably, COVID-19, newer regulations taking effect, and aging populations all spark the need for powerful, intuitive products.

The webinar continues by breaking down and defining what digital transformation in healthcare actually means. Melissa and Alex pose several questions business leaders should ask themselves when assessing their digital strategy. Based on this self-assessment, leaders can understand how to move forward implementing new tech incrementally.

As Alex mentions, “A digitally transformed organization is one that takes full advantage of IT, and IT-related capabilities to support business models, streamline processes and workflows, and identify/support patient/member/consumer needs.”

How Health Cloud Factors In

After setting the stage with their discussion of digital transformation, Alex and Melissa shift to cover Health Cloud and how the platform’s infrastructure can give businesses a head start on digital product development. Alex provides a high-level timeline of advances within Health Cloud, while Melissa explains the advantages of the platform’s features, including contextualizing core Salesforce functionality for the healthcare ecosystem and Salesforce’s regular cadence of innovative updates.

As Melissa explains, “Health Cloud provides a turnkey experience for building a digital healthcare product. From data models and plugins to the partner ecosystem, Salesforce has done a great job investing in the HLS space, and the opportunity is huge.”

In light of the changes we have already experienced in 2020, and the continued challenges healthcare orgs can expect in 2021, now is the time to explore the possibilities Health Cloud can present.

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