Jacob Rouser
Jul 3, 2019

Summer is here, and things are hot! Some may be taking advantage of the warm weather to catch up on reading, pick up a new hobby, or learn something new. We’ve been busy the past couple months releasing new content for all the different types of readers we have. And in case you missed any of it, we’re showcasing some of our latest and greatest.

For Those New to Salesforce

Every day, we work with those who are just starting to evaluate whether or not leveraging Salesforce as a business driver is right for them. Getting started can be tricky for those going it alone.

Road to AppExchange

To explore the most challenging and important aspects to get right on the road to the AppExchange, we’re putting together an on-going video series that provides expert-level insights not found anywhere else.

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Every two weeks, our CRO, Sean Hogan, is joined by a new guest to cover a different area that trips partners up the most. To date, we’ve covered how to write your partner agreement with Salesforce with insights from Melissa Burnell, Director of AppExchange Partnerships Salesforce. They broke down each piece of the process and provided insider tips on how to avoid the areas that cause partners to stall out.

On July 10th, the second video of our series releases where we cover one of the most dreaded points of launching on the AppExchange – the Security Review. Sign up once and receive on-going access to the entire video series.

Beginner’s Guide

Earlier this year, we released another asset specifically focused on those who were new to Salesforce and the AppExchange called, A beginner’s guide to the AppExchange.

This free asset takes you from the business opportunity with the AppExchange through the process and roles, to how to build for success, and wraps with what success looks like for some of our clients. Our guide serves as the perfect compliment to the Road to AppExchange series to understand what it takes to get you from idea to product.

Access the free guide here.

For Those Already on the AppExchange

If you’re already a partner with Salesforce, CodeScience also has you covered. Our long-time experience and a wide variety of clients have given us a unique perspective and relationship with the team at Salesforce. We’re often able to help breathe new life back into applications or help clients bring their applications to new clouds.

Beyond that, we pride ourselves on being able to coach our clients on how to work with Salesforce to gain better traction and close more deals.

What You Didn’t Know About Selling with Salesforce

Existing partners know building and launching an application on the AppExchange is not enough – there must be a focused strategy on how to work and sell with Salesforce. Due to Salesforce’s size, it can be hard to capture the attention of the account executives (AEs) that can bring you into deals and help you drive business forward.

We’re bringing together Erin Murray, our Global Alliance Manager, Tara Gonio, AppExchange Solution Manager at Salesforce, and Deanna Rayla, ISV Enablement at Salesforce, to discuss how to:

  • Target key roles and segments pivotal to your success
  • Strengthen your value proposition by using Salesforce's own lingo
  • Build a Salesforce-facing sales kit that opens doors
  • Craft messages that make the direct sales team respond
  • Partner with other ISVs and SIs to extend your reach

You’ll learn directly from the teams at Salesforce and uncover the insider secrets that cannot be found anywhere else.

The webinar happens on July 17th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT, and you can register here – if you can’t make it, no worries, a recording of the session will be provided to all registrants.

For the Developers

Our summer reading list wouldn’t be complete without highlighting some of the most impactful developer content. CodeScience developers love to share their insights and discuss what it takes to build an application for commercial success.

Salesforce Lightning Design System

Product Designer Asterisk Loftis shares his experiences in educating clients about the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) and when to use them. He answers questions around custom design as well as providing a helpful analogy for any designer looking to explain SLDS to a customer.

Custom Communities Powered by Einstein Analytics

Vicrum Vuppalapty, one of our Salesforce Technical Architects, shows you how to build out an analytics-driven custom community and dashboard using Einstein Analytics. These reporting dashboards and communities are a common request from our clients, and he provides a brief breakdown of the various technologies used and how they can all work together.

Feature Dependencies and Dynamic Coding

Long-time CodeScience Technical Architect Marc Paris explores an area most Salesforce developers don’t understand until they have to build an application for scale – feature dependencies. Inexperienced application developers may not be aware of the various dependencies that are involved within a Salesforce org, and it is bad practice to ask a customer to modify their structure when trying to install or set up a new application.

Marc covers the most common dependencies and provides some example pieces of code to help you solve these issues.

Are you ready to join the Salesforce ecosystem? Or is your application in need of a review? We’re here to help. We’ve launched 220+ commercial applications on the Salesforce AppExchange. Contact us today!

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