Jacob Rouser
Aug 2, 2019

With the Salesforce AppExchange having 160k+ customers, 5k+ solutions offered, and 7M+ installs, it’s no wonder businesses across all verticles are deciding the Salesforce ecosystem is ripe with opportunity. From network effects to scalability, the Salesforce platform presents an unparalleled channel to grow.

But with such a rapidly expanding ecosystem comes a steep learning curve for new partners. What does all of this new jargon mean? How do you set yourself up for success? What are the mistakes partners make that you should avoid?

We’ve put together the latest and greatest resources for new partners that lay the foundation for success on the AppExchange for many years to come.

CodeScience/Salesforce Glossary

Our newest resource, the CodScience/Salesforce Glossary, covers a wide variety of terms you’ll most likely encounter at some point during your AppExchange journey. With north of 80 definitions – and more being continuously added – this is your go-to resource for unknown Salesforce lingo.

We are also opening this document to other experts in the ecosystem! You can submit terms and revise definitions by sending them through the form on the bottom left. Be sure to bookmark this page and refer back to it when veteran partners start showing off their vocabulary.

Beginner’s Guide to the AppExchange

Stuck on where to get started building on the AppExchange and working with Salesforce? Our beginner’s guide to the AppExchange is perfect for you!

This free resource takes a deep dive into all things Salesforce AppExchange. Discover the business opportunity the AppExchange holds, what key processes and roles are, how to build for success, and what a well-executed journey looks like.

Access the free guide here.

Road to AppExchange Webinar Series

There are many aspects on the road to launching on the AppExchange that can trip up even the most experienced partners. To help any partner avoid these pitfalls, our on-going video series takes a deep dive into a topic each episode.

CodeScience CRO, Sean Hogan, is joined by Salesforce gurus every two weeks to share expert-level insights not found anywhere else. The released and upcoming topics can be found below, along with blogs that give you a preview of the insights shared.

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Released: Key tips to accelerate your Salesforce partnership agreement | Blog
Released: How to build a plan for submitting for Security Review | Blog
Released: How to supercharge your AppExchange listing and harness the analytics | Blog
August 7: How to operationalize your AppExchange GTM strategy | Register Now
August 21: Why you need a plan for your first AppExchange deployment
September 11:  How to leverage Dreamforce for your GTM
September 25:  How to sell better with Salesforce
October 9: An Executive’s Guide to DF19: What you need to know

State of AppExchange Partners Report

We surveyed over 100 senior-level executives currently on the AppExchange and shared our findings in our annual State of AppExchange Partners Report. Gain a better understanding of the AppExchange trends and dive into our data on partner strategies, platform investments, and industry performance.

Download it today to learn how leading AppExchange partners leverage Salesforce.

We also took an even deeper dive into each section of our report in the blogs below.

Part 1: Product and Company Insights
Part 2: Growth Insights
Part 3: Technology and Platform Insights
Part 4: Salesforce Channel Insights
Part 5: Funding and Investment Insights

All of these resources are a great starting point for you to get familiar with the AppExchange and lay the groundwork for a successful relationship with Salesforce.

CodeScience is the first and only organization to receive the Master Navigator PDO designation from Salesforce. With 11 years of experience and over 220 applications built and launched, we know what it takes to go from idea to product and beyond. Drop us a line to see how we can help you.

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