Jacob Rouser
May 17, 2019

In an effort to continually keep you up-to-date on all things Salesforce, we’ve released our beginner’s guide to the AppExchange. This ungated, free resource covers the most common areas our readers have questions about.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you can read it in full here.

1. There is still a tremendous business opportunity for companies to join the AppExchange

While Salesforce has pioneered the way as a leading SaaS organization, some leaders we talk to aren’t sure whether they’ve missed the opportunity to take advantage of Salesforce’s explosive growth. Salesforce continues time and time again to crush their growth numbers, and that is by and large due to Network Effects.

In both our 2019 State of AppExhange Partners Report and the DF18 AppExchange Keynote, the topic of network effects was a focal point. While Salesforce is aiming for $20B by 2022, they are looking well beyond the near-term with goals of $40B by 2028 and $60B by 2034.

Salesforce continues to invest in its partner program. In an interview with J.C. Collins, Senior Vice President and COO of Industries and Partners at Salesforce, he discusses the most significant challenge the Salesforce channel is facing is not keeping its partners busy, but rather finding enough partners to satisfy the demand for services and support.

2. The process and how to build for success

One of our most popular series from 2018 was our “Get Onboard with the AppExchange” series. Ron Kiker, one of our long-term business analysts, breaks down the process of getting started on the AppExchange and the key people you’ll meet at Salesforce along the way.

We’ve amplified this information with the latest around the differences between a PDO and an SI when it comes to building applications as well as surfacing the AppExchange product lifecycle -- so you are always building for success.

3. What success looks like

As we wrap the beginner’s guide, we highlight what success looks like for some of our customers. Read detailed examples of how our customers built for success and continue to win in the ecosystem.

There are many more insights to be found in our beginner’s guide, and we’ll be regularly rolling out updates with the latest and greatest from the ecosystem.

You can read it in full here.

CodeScience helps partners thrive on the AppExchange. With over 220 products launched and becoming the first and only organization to achieve the Master Navigator PDO designation from Salesforce, we know what it takes to go from idea to product. We’re offering a free ideation session at the end of our beginner’s guide, but you can claim your spot here.

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