The MarTech conference took place this month in San Francisco, with a grand reveal of the 2017 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic: Martech 5000 – a collection of 5,381 solutions (from 4,891 unique companies), created by This is a whopping 40% increase from 2016.

Official Stats

Drum roll please…The official stats from this year:

  • There are now 5,381 solutions on the graphic, 39% more than last year
  • There are now 4,891 unique companies on the graphic, up 40% from last year
  • Only 4.7% of the solutions from 2016 were removed (and another 3.5% changed in some fundamental way — their name, their focus, or their ownership)

Here is the much-needed, higher resolution version of the graphic.

I don’t know about you, but my brain explodes a little when I look at this graphic. It’s almost overwhelming. Particularly when you consider that there were only 150 companies in 2011.


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The Martech Stack

Sales and Marketing technology as a domaine has radically changed, so it’s no surprise that the offerings to support the new scope of marketing have expanded as well. It’s impossible at this moment for any one solution provider to deliver everything that marketers need. Thus the introduction of the platform to make it easier for marketers to plug in a variety of more specialized and vertical solutions. Assembling your martech stack has become an art form.

Final Thoughts

Salesforce CRM is a critical core element of today’s martech stack. CodeScience has been involved in many martech solutions for the AppExchange including Lattice Engines, 6sense, Clearslide, Adroll, Demandbase, Mattermark, MailChimp, AdobeSign, LinkedIn, SessionM, CallidusCloudOpenText, Qualtrics, MadisonPG, and more. Not to mention to mention our work on Salesforce itself.

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