Maybe you have heard we are hiring?! No? We are. And if you are looking for the best job you’ve ever had, you should start here.

For Karen, CodeScience’s amazing recruiter, there is nothing more satisfying than calling up an outstanding candidate and inviting them to join our team. We commit to getting to know our candidates through our interview process, and when we make the offer call, it feels like celebrating with a friend.

Great Beginnings… and Swag!

When our offer is accepted, we keep the celebration going. New CodeScientists receive a welcome package including t-shirts, stickers, mug, notebooks, maybe a minion (or 2), and a handwritten note welcoming them to the CodeScience family. We deliver it right to their door. It’s a fun surprise that makes our new folks feel like part of the team even before they start!

Costumes Make Everything Better

My favorite part: CodeScience has an all hands video call every Monday, lead by our prodigious CEO, Brian. CodeScience culture is delightfully quirky, and we have a long and storied history of costumes. (As you can imagine, Halloween is a big deal, and we even find ways to squeeze costumes into our annual All Hands gathering.) We love to hire folks that complement our weird and continue our costumed tradition, so we encourage new CodeScientists to dress up for their first all-hands call. Many of them do! We’ve seen everything from superheroes to a homemade chicken.

Staying Connected

Slack is the glue that keeps our company connected, and has become our principal means of communication. Beyond regular company/team/project channels, we also have a significant amount of “interest” channels like cooking, sportscenter, politics, music, random, and more. As a distributed company, conversation areas are important to making sure our culture thrives, but the noise can overwhelm. Allowing our team to create spaces to talk is crucial for keeping CodeScience personal and friendly.

And let’s not forget our annual Out of Office message competition.

Celebrating Our People

In a company of A Players, we love to recognize when a team member goes the extra mile. Any employee can nominate either a team member or client for extraordinary efforts in their performance to receive a “Minion of the Moment.” For CodeScientists, the recognition includes swag and an immediate $100. BOOM! These nominations post in our #announce channel for everyone to see. It’s heartwarming to see the company celebrate the success of individual contributions.

Final Thoughts

At CodeScience, culture is king, queen and court jester all rolled into one. We’re seasoned Salesforce experts who are passionate about doing amazing work, but we’re also a group of adults who refuse to let go of our childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. Together, we mix equal parts precision and play to create amazing apps for our clients. We are growing, and I can’t wait to meet the new folks and see their debut on the all hands video call. Get your costume together and join us.