You have probably heard that women are underrepresented in programming and tech jobs. 

  • Female scientists and engineers are concentrated in different occupations than are men, with relatively high shares of women in the social sciences (58%) and biological and medical sciences (48%) and relatively low shares in engineering (13%) and computer and mathematical sciences (25%) (NSF, Science & Engineering Indicators, 2014)

Amazing women coders have been written out of history, Ada LovelaceGrace Hopper, y’all! Without magnificent female role models in technology, young girls simply aren’t introduced to or encouraged to pursue those interests. But we all know the world isn’t binary. There aren’t man jobs and woman jobs, everyone deserves the same opportunities to explore and follow their dreams. 

Hello, Girls Inc & CodeScience! In an effort to address the lack of women in STEM fields,Girls, Inc Chattanooga has created an initiative designed to get young female students excited about math and science and coding. Four CodeScientists volunteered their time and experience with a group of seventh graders at East Lake Academy of Fine Arts. 

A HUGE shout out to Crystal Henry, Ashley Fraiser, Stephanie Honore, and Rina Henderson!!!!!!!

I am crazy inspired by these ladies who are working to change that skewed ratio and advocating for STEM. This is just the beginning of CodeScience’s partnership with Girls, Inc. Chattanooga.