You’ve got an idea that will change the world (or at the very least, a slice of it). You know your target market like a subject matter ninja. You’ve got the connections to put your solution in front of desperate customers with stacks of idle cash. A fortune cookie told you October 2016 was the time to make bold decisions and reach for the stars. Maybe you’ve even decided that the Salesforce platform and ISV Partner Program offers you the best Cloud Computing solution and distribution channel that an aspiring software genius could hope for.

Image Wikiphoto, Creative Commons, Modified

That’s excellent…but now what? CodeScience is here to help. With 70+ custom products developed for the AppExchange, we’ve been there, done that, and can tell you how it’s done. I’m a Product Manager at CodeScience, and Bruce Salkovitz, Director Product Strategy for Virtual Regulatory Solutions (VRS), joined me on the stage at Dreamforce to talk about how to grow your idea from just a twinkle in your eye to full grown money tree in the Salesforce AppExchange by engaging with an experienced Partner Development Organization (PDO).

What does VRS do? “VRS offers focused Regulatory services and technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of growing biopharma companies in developing and registering new therapies in major markets.” Think FDA, loads of regulations, and high stakes. These folks are really smart, but they also know they are not experts in developing applications. When they needed help developing their industry-specific document management application and bringing it to the AppExchange, they turned to CodeScience to get it done with an innovative design, high quality engineering, and fantastic support. We have AppExchange product development down to a science.

How did we do it? How do you find the right PDO? How long does it take? Who should you hire? Watch the video from our Dreamforce presentation for the full scoop.