Culture is important for us. CodeScience held its second annual Halloween Costume Contest this week, and it allowed CodeScientists working remotely around the country to celebrate the holiday spirit while working from the comfort of their own home or office spaces.

Our annual contest divides costume submissions and voting into five different categories. We use one of our infinitely creative channels in Slack to post pictures and collect votes on categories like Funniest, Scariest, and Most Creative costumes. Our participation this year was even greater than last year, with more than 75% of our team members participating in the spooky and silly revelry. Check out the photos!!

As a company focused on flexibility and dynamic collaboration, we’re constantly evaluating and rethinking how to build a workplace culture that extends beyond a traditional brick-and-mortar workspace. Whether by dragging our kids into the act (like Jason and Waylon from Curious George or Karen, Etta, and Edward from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) or inviting vendors and clients to joins us (thanks nCino, Indeed, and FormFast), it’s exciting to see how CodeScientists keep imagining new ways of connecting, building community, and telling our story.