Don’t Underestimate the Effort Needed to Install Your App

Great products can stall out if your deployments cause frustration

CodeScience can help you successfully deploy your app in a predictable, scalable, and repeatable manner – whether we helped build your app or not.

  • Pre-Deployment Analysis
    Know exactly what it takes to deploy your application by reviewing your product and surfacing the requirements to deploy. We create key documentation to go from scoping to end-customer readiness.

  • Predictable Deployments Enable You To Scale
    Establishing predictable deployments keeps new customers happy with fewer bumps in the installation and customization process. As your business and deal sizes grow, knowing what it takes to bring your application online drives customer success.

  • Customer Feedback Loop
    There’s a lot to learn about your product from your customers when deploying: inefficiencies, missing features, and common frustration points during the install process. We establish a feedback loop to ensure this information is captured to enable incremental improvements.

Deployment Success

D&B Lattice (Formerly Lattice Engines)

How helping this predictive analytics star deploy to their initial customers created the perfect product feedback loop and happier customers


See the Success

Are you unsure how you’ll deploy your app to your customers? We can help!