Don’t Stumble When Trying to Sell and Support

Salesforce provides the tools, do you know how to use them?

Leading ISVs know that building your product is the first step. How you support and sell defines your brand and your bottom line. CodeScience helps ISVs to leverage the tools Salesforce provides to sell effectively and enables partners to support their customers better.

Salesforce Tools

  • Install and configure your Salesforce ISV Tools
  • Set up AppExchange Analytics correctly

  • Stand up your Demo Org for effective sales conversations

Tier II Support

  • Uncover the causes of customer issues and provide a route to resolution.
  • Determine if there is an issue with your Application, with the Salesforce Platform, or with a 3rd party solution in the same org.

Tier III Support

  • Provides bug fixes if a technical problem arises with your Application.

Proactive Release Testing

  • Find issues with your App before Salesforce does a push upgrade, allowing your team to address the issues before impacting your end customers.

Poor commercialization practices result in downstream pains for your customers — and in turn generate poor reviews, longer sales cycles, and lower customer satisfaction

AppExchange Tools Tier II and III Technical Support Proactive Release Review
The Problem Improper set up and lack of training cause ISVs to miss leads, misconfigure licenses, cause end customer issues with updates and upgrades. Salesforce ISVs do not have staff trained on the technical nuances of the platform. CodeScience does, so our clients rely on our experts to help determine if the technical problem is with: the Platform, their App, or a 3rd party in the Org. If the problem is with their App, our team fixes the bug for your end customer. Three times a year, Salesforce makes a major update to its platform: Spring, Summer, and Winter. While ISVs get the chance to test against these new releases, capacity for engineering and QA staff are often stretched too thin.
Customer Impact Missed leads, missed sales, poor trial experience, poor alliances relationship with Salesforce.

Insights on how your customers use your app should be fundamental to your product roadmap.

Customers want a great install, config and deployment experience with your solution. When that doesn’t happen, they want an experienced reaction team to help fix technical issues fast. Proactive release testing finds issues with your App before Salesforce does a push upgrade, allowing your team to address the issues before impacting your end customers.

Solid Support Drives Scale

“Working with CodeScience has really been a great experience both as a customer but also within the context of the Salesforce PDO experience.”

“CodeScience has a very high level of Salesforce competency, especially around new Salesforce products. They are diligent in follow-through and transparent about issues.”

“CodeScience has been a real partner for us over the last few years. They consistently make good design suggestions, explain the platform constraints clearly, and have ideas for new features and even new directions for our business. I would and have recommended CodeScience to our partners who are also investing in Salesforce.”

Want to sell better and provide unparalleled support?
We know how!