How do you create a culture of innovation in an established company? Is it possible to innovate within the enterprise or does it need to be spun out? And how can visionary leaders encourage transformative ideas without losing focus on the needs of legacy customers? We tackle these questions and more in our newest podcast, Innovation in the Enterprise, presented by CodeScience. Each month, CodeScience CEO, Brian Walsh, digs into the challenges of driving internal change with business leaders from across the enterprise landscape. It’s a monthly dose of intrapreneurial inspiration for today’s “disrupt or be disrupted” world.

If you’ve got a question you’d like us to address, a particular guest you’d like to hear on the show, or if you have a great innovation story of your own, drop us a line at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.

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Episode 4: Client-First Innovation with Frank Sorrentino III

In Episode 4, Brian is talking with Frank Sorrentino III, Chairman & CEO of ConnectOne Bank, about the importance of putting the client first, and how leveraging technology to solve client problems and serve client needs can both foster innovation and strengthen an innovative company culture.

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Episode 3: The DNA of Innovation with Avanish Sahai

In Episode 3, Brian speaks with Avanish Sahai, Vice President, ISV & Applications Partnerships for Google Cloud, about how enterprise businesses can leverage platform ecosystems to catalyze innovation, the challenges of transforming internal enterprise IT projects into external products, and the importance of product-focused DNA for successful innovation.

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Episode 2: The Zen of Innovation with Sue Boehlke

In this episode, Brian is talking with Sue Boehlke, Managing Director at Tab Ventures. Sue has an impressive track record of transformational results and value creation in established corporate environments across the automotive, transportation, and general industrial arenas, including both B2C and B2B online and global multi-unit bricks­-and­-mortar environments.

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Episode 1: Introduction to Innovation in the Enterprise

CodeScience CEO, Brian Walsh, provides an introduction and brief preview of the Innovation in the Enterprise podcast series.

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