The 4th Annual State of AppExchange Partners Report 2021

The Great Separation: Examining the Ecosystem in a Time of Change

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Our 4th Annual State of AppExchange Partners Report coincides with a pandemic that has fundamentally changed the lives and landscape of the world at large. This year’s survey examines ISVs across all spectrums of the survive, adapt, thrive framework to help us contextualize the challenges businesses face, their priorities for investments, and the forecasts they are making for their future.

The result? A report that delivers the most pertinent and impactful data partners need to understand the trends of the ecosystem and the performance of their peers.

Learn how other AppExchange partners are leveraging Salesforce in the following categories:

  • Product & Company
  • Growth
  • Technology & Platform
  • Salesforce as a Channel
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Investment

As you read through each section, there are two main themes we’ll come back to — The Great Separation and the Resilience of Partners within the ecosystem. Download the 2021 State of AppExchange Partners Report to read the full analysis and learn proven strategies for success in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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The 4th Annual State of AppExchange Partners Report 2021 Quote

You’ll find answers to questions like:


Why are AppExchange partners experiencing resiliency in the face of market and industry shifts?


How does the Salesforce Ecosystem empower business leaders to lead by example and innovate rapidly?


What does it take for an organization to thrive in the face of a global pandemic?


Why diversity and inclusion have always been keys to success and how can it enable businesses to do more than they thought possible?