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It’s a challenging environment for tech leaders right now. Many are experiencing budget cuts or reduced headcount but are still expected to deliver the same results on the same timeline. Plus, the war for talent rages on, slowing down projects that require deep technical experience and expertise as companies struggle to find the right resources.

To help enterprises overcome those challenges, CodeScience is rolling out new services to close the growing gap in tech budgets and Salesforce engineering expertise necessary to build on the platform. CodeScience offers rapid development scrum teams to augment organizations’ technical performance and productivity. These on-demand development teams help fill the gaps and reduce implementation costs to keep projects on time and on budget.

Our experienced developers work with clients’ internal teams, reducing costs, adding capacity, and increasing expertise to deliver results that fully integrate with existing solutions and processes. This seamless integration speeds up development and deployment without disrupting team flow and collaboration—CodeScience becomes an extension of the team, not a replacement.

“CodeScience speaks Salesforce and software engineering on a deep, intuitive level, which made integrating them into our development processes seamless. We didn’t have to spend too much time explaining or giving context — they quickly understood the vision and the environment, making collaboration easy.”  

– VP of Engineering, top horizontal ISV

Our expert, ready-to-deploy teams eliminate 50% of enterprises’ Salesforce product engineering spending. With over 15 years of experience building on force.com, we’ve developed processes and tools that drive down costs and increase speed without sacrificing quality. Our signature approach delivers a better end-user experience with less technical debt and fewer wasted development costs.

The Salesforce platform is constantly evolving, making it difficult to stay on top of the latest product updates and offerings—which features and functions will serve your needs best? We stay up to speed on the latest and greatest Salesforce offers to build flexible, scalable solutions that support our clients’ existing work and help achieve their desired outcomes. We do the heavy lifting with Salesforce so internal engineering teams can focus on what they do best.

“CodeScience is the best in the business for accelerating your development. Their teams understand how to work with your specific processes and development cycles, whether collaborating on an existing project or a full new build to get to market faster.”

– VP of Engineering, top horizontal ISV

Whether clients need immediate expertise to accelerate development or have a reduced budget but still need to deliver key Salesforce features, our new services offer developer support, product engineering, and management to achieve results fast. Don’t let a tough economy and fierce talent market block you from reaching your goals—bring in our experts to amplify your team’s performance and gain a competitive edge.

CodeScience’s technical architects evaluate each potential engagement to ensure the right fit between teams and engineering models. If you want to discover if your engineering model is a candidate for CodeScience’s on-demand development services, set up a 15-minute introduction.