Health Market Science

The Test

Give the healthcare market an easier, faster way to access healthcare practitioner data through the Salesforce Platform and provide direct access to high-quality master data.

The Science

An AppExchange product, Provider MasterFile, which can be installed into Salesforce orgs:

  • Search page which allows users to search the most up-to-date data in the MasterFile from right inside their org and ingest it as Leads or Contacts
  • Update service that automatically keeps Providers acquired through the search page up to date, empowering users with the option to overwrite data on existing Leads and Contacts with Health Market Science’s data
  • Custom field mapping for a seamless integration of new Providers with all users’ existing data

From educating our team on Salesforce to the design and build process, CodeScience has been an invaluable member of our team from day one. We could not have brought the Provider MasterFile to market without them.”

Theresa Greco, Sr. Vice President, Solution Development and Strategy, Health Market Science

The Results

Opera MediaWorks’ new solution standardizes business process and centralizes data that were previously fragmented across several different environments and allowed it to:

  • Actionable data on nearly 8 million US healthcare practitioners
  • Searchable functionality which includes historical, credential, and demographic filter criteria
  • Provides users with a competitive advantage of up-to-date information from a single proprietary database
  • “ for the Health care industry”

Whether you’re a long time partner or just now evaluating the Salesforce ecosystem, we would love the opportunity to help you build for success.