It’s safe to say that 2021 has already been a whirlwind of a year. Between quarantining, adjusting to the new normal, and quarantine part two, this year has been full of surprises. Hopefully, the extra time at home has allowed you the opportunity to learn more about the Salesforce ecosystem and how to thrive on the AppExchange. If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Sit back, relax, and catch up on a few of the invaluable resources we’ve released so far this year. 

Listen and Learn: 

Innovation in the Enterprise 

CodeScience CEO, Brian Walsh, sits down with industry leaders in this monthly dose of intrapreneurial inspiration for today’s “disrupt or be disrupted” world. Each episode of this new podcast series focuses on the challenges of driving internal change in established organizations and how businesses can successfully adapt and evolve.

How I Launched This 

Our second new podcast series of 2021, How I Launched This, dives into the stories behind the launch of the hottest solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange and beyond. CodeScience Chief Revenue Officer, Sean Hogan, speaks with founders, CEOs, and leaders like Jim Steele, Dan Darcy, and Heather Lavoie to learn about the big bets, epic product launches, and strategic pivots that helped make the AppExchange the powerhouse success it is today.

What to Watch: 

Journey Through the AppExchange

Gain new insight into the path through the Salesforce AppExchange from idea to launch and beyond with our newest webinar series. Each installation examines the unique challenges of launching products on the AppExchange, top considerations as businesses expand into the ecosystem, and insights on how to best leverage the Salesforce channel to maximize ROI.

10 Tips to Pass Salesforce Security Review 

The Security Review process is the final step every ISV must complete before they can bring their app to market on the AppExchange. It’s not uncommon for ISVs to fail on their first attempt…but Security Review doesn’t have to be a mystery! In this webinar, CodeScience experts join a Salesforce Security Team expert to demystify the process and provide tips for creating a proactive plan that sets your team up for success.

Acting Like a Top 25 ISV – How Appinium Applies Buyer’s & Seller’s Journeys to Close Deals Faster

The culmination of our Acting Like a Top 25 ISV series, this webinar brings it all together to share how ISVs can connect overall strategy to key business functions in order to drive commercial success. CodeScience Chief Revenue Officer, Sean Hogan speaks with Steve Jacobson, CEO and Founder of Appinum, about how crafting your buyer and seller journeys to connect personas, business outcomes, and exit criteria can drive growth on the AppExchange.

Ready, Set, Launch: Accelerating Healthcare Innovation One App at a Time

For healthcare organizations, the ability to innovate rapidly and execute at scale is essential for success. More and more healthcare partners are leveraging the Salesforce platform to accelerate digital transformation. In this webinar, we explore how healthcare companies can leverage the Salesforce platform to build quickly & securely, get to market fast, and gain a competitive advantage in today’s pandemic-fueled technology-first landscape. 

Developing the Best Product: 

A Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce

Are you new to the Saleforce ecosystem and aren’t sure where to start? We put together a quick-start guide that will provide some insights into the world of Salesforce and the AppExchange – along with actionable advice to help you get started. This guide (first released in 2019) was recently updated and re-launched for the changing landscape of 2021.

Ask an Expert: Trust in Salesforce Experience Design

Your product could be the safest, most secure, transparent, intelligent solution in your category — but a bad user onboarding experience, a confusing interaction with data, or a moment of frustration figuring out how to best use the product can work like a pickaxe, chipping away at your customers’ trust. In this post, we cover how Salesforce builds trust in their own products through superior UI and UX design, and how you can build on that foundation to keep your product’s users coming back for more. 

Second Generation Packaging for ISVs

This webinar dissects the differences between First and Second Generation Packaging (2GP) and how you can decide which approach is right for your team. CodeScience Director of Technology, Krishna Tatta, provides an overview of the benefits and known issues of 2GP and how ISVs can leverage it to better manage and distribute their app to Salesforce customers. 

Choosing the Right Storage Approach for Your App

Have you ever been on your way to create a data model and run into so many different options that you get stuck? Many developers have a similar experience and choosing the wrong approach for your use case can lead to issues with how your users access your application. In this post, we elaborate on a few of your options and outline what they’re best suited for, when to use them, and when to stay away. 

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