While we love all the content that we see at Dreamforce, one session always stands out to us because it is near and dear to our hearts — and that is the AppExchange Partner Keynote. Each Dreamforce, we learn about changes to the program, new opportunities for partners, and the latest and greatest stats on how the ecosystem is performing.

This year’s keynote focused on the AppExchange’s success as the fastest-growing cloud marketplace, which echoes the theme of our 3rd annual State of AppExchange Partners Report, Prime Time. We explore the idea that AppExchange has reached a Prime stage and this is enabling partner success.

We’re recapping highlights from the session, but if you want to see the session in full, you can find the recording here.

Stats and Growth Metrics

The AppExchange Keynote always provides partners with the latest and greatest stats showcasing how the AppExchange contributes to ecosystem success.

With the release of the latest IDC white paper, Woodson Martin, EVP and GM of the AppExchange showcased the latest estimations of the impact of the Salesforce economy.

By 2025:

  • 4.2 Million new jobs created
  • $1.2 Trillion in new business revenues
  • The Partner ecosystem will make $5.80 for every dollar Salesforce earns
  • The Salesforce ecosystem will be 6X larger than Salesforce

Salesforce revealed the results of their 2019 Survey of Salesforce customers.

These stats show that the AppExchange drives customer satisfaction, customer impact, and productivity:

  • 90% of AppExchange customers report they are very satisfied
  • 45% of AppExchange customer report they are extremely satisfied
  • 87% of respondents claim that the AppExchange has positively impacted Customer Satisfaction in their business
  • 84% of respondents claim that productivity has greatly improved in their business after deploying the AppExchange

We were elated to be acknowledged by Woodson where he surfaced from our latest State of AppExchange Partners Report that partners have raised $2.5 billion in investment, which represents more than 20% of total SaaS company funding this year.

Additionally, he revealed that the PDO ecosystem supports over 225 solutions.

The ecosystem continues to grow! Since last Dreamforce:

  • 5,000+ listings on the AppExchange
  • 7 Million installs (that’s 1 Million more than last year)
  • 86% of Salesforce orgs use at least 1 AppExchange app

Partner Feedback is Driving Changes in the Program

One point that Woodson continued to reiterate is that changes to the program are being driven by feedback from partners. Changes are happening in 6 key areas: Economics, Clarity, Ecosystem, Planning, Go To Market, and Complexity. While details weren’t given in all areas, here are some highlights shared.

Royalty rates are changing from fixed to marginal.

New Edition of OEM

Simpler Add On Framework for ISVs and OEMs

New Metrics Model for Trailblazer Scorecard

New Benefits as You Move Up in Ranking as a Partner

More details to come on January 21st Webinar

There are many interesting changes to the program underway, and be sure to keep an eye out for our follow up post from the January webinar.

Congratulations to the Appy Award Winners

No AppExchange Partner keynote would be complete without the announcement of the Appy Award winners. This year featured Appy Awards in Customer Success, Innovation, and Engagement. Congratulations to ComplianceQuest, SalesTrip, Conga.

All of the insights and updates shared showcase how partners are succeeding and thriving on the AppExchange to drive the ecosystem forward. You can learn more in our 3rd Annual State of AppExchange Partners Report.

No matter if you’ve been a long-time partner or are considering taking advantage of the opportunity the AppExchange presents, we are here to help. Get in touch, and discover how we help partners thrive!