Jacob Rouser
Sep 20, 2019

We are officially 60 days away from Dreamforce 19. In our Road to the AppExchange Series, we’ve been covering what partners need to know as they navigate the process of listing on the AppExchange. This week, we’re discussing Salesforce’s premier event, Dreamforce. 

Last year there were 170,000 registered attendees with over 400 partner companies represented. For those new to the ecosystem, Dreamforce can be overwhelming and making the most of your time can be challenging. We’re giving you a preview of the content we covered in our latest video, but if you want to learn all our tips and tricks, you’ll have to register here.

Prioritize Your Pre-Dreamforce Activities

While Dreamforce continues to come ever closer, you still have time to execute pre-marketing tactics and activities to amplify your efforts.

Executive Alignment and Pre-Book Meetings

Having face-to-face time with your clients, prospects, and Salesforce is a massive benefit of Dreamforce. These meetings not only deepen relationships but also pave the way for new opportunities. With that being said, schedules and calendars fill up fast, so you must have a strategy in place to ensure your executives know what their goals are and where they are supposed to be.

Help them coordinate by opening up their calendar and pre-book meetings with your targets. By having a schedule prepared for your executive team, you will minimize your stress and avoid situations where they are wondering where they should go next.

Update Your AppExchange Listing

Dreamforce is about showing how you and Salesforce are aligned. Many companies see a large uptick in traffic for their AppExchange listing. Ensure you have the latest information, the best messaging, and follow our tips discussed earlier in our series — Supercharge your AppExchange listing and harness the analytics.

Develop Pre-Marketing Materials

There are many ways you can reach clients and prospects to let them know you’ll be at Dreamforce. One of the best ways to centralize your messaging is to create a landing page to house all your information. Each year, we create a new landing page and direct much of our traffic to this page for details on where we’ll be, special offerings, and the opportunity to book time with us directly. You can check out this year’s page here: https://dreamforce2019.codescience.com/

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out a few of our favorites we saw last year:

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Dreamforce is known for its epic parties. A quick Google search will yield dozens of websites detailing parties, events, and networking opportunities. It is easy for newcomers to get caught up in all the activity and forget their business goals. 

Just like aligning your executives to your customers and prospects, align your party efforts with where your key accounts will be. If they are hosting a party, try to attend. If you snag an invite to an event, reach out and bring a plus one. While we love having a good time (see below from an image from our own party), know these events can be an amazing opportunity to strengthen your business relationships and possibly close deals.

Image from CodeScience’s Dreamforce 2018 Oktoberforce Party

If you want to learn more tips and tricks around hosting your own party, making the most of the expo, and our top pro-tips, you’ll have to register here:  https://www.codescience.com/road-to-appexchange-webinar-series

By registering once, you’ll gain access to each part of the series and receive early access to the last two sessions as they release.

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