Erin Murray
Aug 30, 2019

Navigating the Partner Community can sometimes feel like…

However, it really is impressive how Salesforce has improved their enablement for Partners over the last couple of years. With these improvements, they have also provided The Partner Learning Path via the “Education” tab in the Partner Community. This serves as an encompassing view for partners who may be just starting off to seasoned veterans of the ecosystem looking to gain more knowledge.

It would be a wise investment of any ISV partner’s time to have the people responsible for your ISV partnership, whether that’s a Business Development or Alliances role, complete the Trailhead for partners. Not only will it offer more insight, but it will show Salesforce and your Partner Account Manager that your company is making an effort to learn as much about your partnership as you can.

Trailhead is a huge part of Salesforce’s messaging, and now it’s time for you to start earning badges as a Partner Trailblazer! Be sure to follow the trail for partners. There’s everything from “Channel Order App Basics” to “Ethics and Integrity for Salesforce Partners.” It’s a good reflection of your partnership to ensure you attain some of these badges.

Still not finding the answers you are looking for? Did you know Salesforce offers “Office Hours” to partners every other Tuesday? You can sign up for Office Hours here. This actually allows you to sit with other ISV’s, SI’s, consulting partners, and prospects to talk with a real person to get your questions answered. Please keep in mind that it is best to look for your answers via the Partner Community and use office hours for tricky hard-to-answer questions.

Having trouble with any of the links in this blog? Be sure that you are logged into the Partner Community when accessing.

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