With the recent announcement from Salesforce around the updates to the Channel Order App (COA), we are showcasing some of the latest features and answering the question of what these changes mean for you.

COA 2.0 Announcement

New UI and New Workflow Experience

Channel Order App 2.0 has an updated user interface and workflow experience. Where once you had a single form with a number of fields, the new Lightning-ready UI delivers a simplified experience by walking you through each step of the order creation process. Additionally, the new experience allows you to clone existing service orders to expedite repeat orders and speed up fulfillment.

Automation, Validation, and Sales Operations

Most of the magic for COA 2.0 is behind the scenes. The app’s added validations and order recall functionality help users submit orders correctly the first time. New logic allows for increased order processing automation and decreased time to provisioning. And visibility into your customers’ current license counts helps ensure your and Salesforce’s records stay in alignment. Say “hello” to fewer cases!

In a conversation with Laura Sack, Product Manager of the Salesforce AppExchange, the Channel Order App, and Communities, she said:

“One of the most impactful features of the new COA is that we provide partners visibility into their customers’ current license counts. In the short time since we released the new version, we’ve seen partners redesign their sales ops processes to use this data. This visibility along with the other new features will ultimately help partners more effectively run and grow their businesses.”

The new COA API enables partners to pull order data into their business orgs and develop organization-specific tools to increase their efficiencies. For organizations who process thousands of orders each month, tools can be developed for batch processing and submission. Our own Jeremy Engler, Sr. Product Owner, put it this way:

“Salesforce is casting a wide net with these changes for both large and small organizations. For the smaller organizations who only submit a handful of orders, the new UI and the ability to clone orders will allow them to get their work done faster. For large organizations, the improved access to the API and custom permission sets will help improve their sales ops and reduce the amount of time-consuming manual checking that has to take place before their orders are submitted. The built-in validations are going to help everyone, large or small.”

Salesforce continues to roll out updates for the AppExchange to help their partners thrive and we are excited to see what new features are next.

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