Commercializing for Success

How our clients deliver amazing customer experiences

Why Commercializing Challenges so Many ISVs

When we start onboarding new clients, we explain to them that building their product in a scalable way is only the first step to success on the AppExchange. Leading companies on the AppExchange create dedicated strategies to operationalizing and commercializing their products.

Far too often do prospects reach out to us with ineffective support systems or misconfigured tools that create poor customer experiences and leave them with 1-star reviews on their listing. This creates an unnecessary challenge for companies to dig out of when, with a bit of planning and know-how, could have prevented these issues in the first place.

CodeScience Commercial Services enables ISVs from day one to provide stellar customer support, effectively leverage the tools and analytics Salesforce provides, and ensure long-term app readiness for Salesforce’s regular release cycles.

How Our Clients Do More With Their AppExchange Tools

Salesforce provides a lot of technology for partners. The tools they provide are generally broken up into two categories — tools for your listing (Trailforce and your AppExchange analytics) and tools you need to be successful as an ISV (LMA, COA, FMA, just to name a few). We help ISVs use both sets of tools effectively and ensure that they are set up correctly.

The documentation around these tools can be confusing and lead to incorrect assumptions like the need to create multiple orgs to use them. Incorrect setup can cause you to miss leads, lose sales, offer a poor trial experience, and even impact your relationship with Salesforce.

As we helped Optimizely build their application, we helped them set up these tools correctly and integrated them into their existing business processes. This streamlined the work of capturing leads and delivering the right licenses to their customers — ensuring happy customers from the start.

We also educate partners on how to use the AppExchange as a tool itself.

New partners face the challenge of showing up in search results in the AppExchange due to their lack of reviews. By default, the AppExchange surfaces listings with more reviews and higher ratings. The only fix is getting reviews ASAP, and we’ve created specific strategies to encourage customers to participate.

Lastly, we ensure that our customers integrate proper support channels within their applications. This minimizes customers turning to the AppExchange and leaving a negative review as a last-ditch effort to surface help. Negative reviews impact your visibility and can hobble new partners as they launch.

Solving Customer Support Gaps

Customers want a great install, configuration, and deployment experience with your solution. When things stop functioning or breakdown, they want an experienced team to provide a fix fast.

Even with a well established technical support staff, having a team add Salesforce to their skillset is not as simple as getting them certified through Trailhead. ISVs create complex apps that leverage the latest and greatest technology Salesforce offers. Support teams often don’t have the bandwidth to understand the depth and complexity needed to answer specific questions unique to each customer’s Salesforce Org.

Glance Networks, a longtime client of CodeScience, turns to CodeScience to ensure great customization and support experience. Many of their enterprise clients have specialized business operations, which create the need for product customizations. While Glance’s support team is well-versed in the core product, they bring in CodeScience to ensure that these customizations are optimized for both Glance and Salesforce functionality (without breaking other applications along the way).

CodeScience also provides regular training to their support staff to ensure the team can speak with confidence and fluency when a customer reaches out with a Salesforce-specific issue.

Don’t solve problems your app didn’t cause.

While providing excellent Tier I support, your support teams must be able to determine quickly if a customer issue is a problem with the Salesforce Platform, your application, or another 3rd party solution within the same Org. Without the skillset and infrastructure in place, your support team could be trying to solve issues that they didn’t cause and have no way to fix.

If there is an issue with your app, your team needs to know whether or not this requires a patch or if it must go the route of a push/pull upgrade.

What Clients Say About CodeScience Commercial Services

“Working with CodeScience has really been a great experience both as a customer but also within the context of the Salesforce PDO experience.”

“CodeScience has a very high level of Salesforce competency, especially around new Salesforce products. They are diligent in follow-through and transparent about issues.”

“From day one CodeScience has been an invaluable partner, providing critical product and platform knowledge that was essential to our initial product offerings’ success.”

“CodeScience has been a real partner for us over the last few years. They consistently make good design suggestions, explain the platform constraints clearly, and have ideas for new features and even new directions for our business. I would and have recommended CodeScience to our partners who are also investing in Salesforce.”

Whether you’re a long time partner or just now evaluating the Salesforce ecosystem, we would love the opportunity to help you build for success.