CodeScience Builds Better Designed and Better Architected Products on the AppExchange

In fact, we’ve built 10% of the AppExchange

Partners choose Salesforce to get to market and validate product-market fit faster. There are important decisions you must make as you begin designing and architecting your product to ensure your application scales and sells effectively.

  • Product Discovery — Should you build a product on the AppExchange? What kind of product should you build? We help our clients find the answers to these questions to safeguard their investments.
  • Product Ideation — Commercial success requires more than a good idea. We help you think through any considerations when developing on the Salesforce platform and help you align with Salesforce’s roadmap.

  • Product Design — Not sure what’s possible on Salesforce? Our clients push the limits of what’s possible on Salesforce. We leverage the latest technology and the newest features, but we also ensure from Day 1 that your product can scale.

  • Solving Architecture Concerns — If your current application is failing to scale, we know how to re-architect solutions quickly, so you can satisfy customers and create new opportunities.

  • Having experts at your fingertips — Building an AppExchange product is a difficult task and even more difficult when you rely only on PDF manuals. Our team can be available to answer your questions, provide you guidance, and provide you shortcuts while you build on your own.

Build Success

Product Ideation

How simplifying the sync between SpringCM and Salesforce improved retention, revenue, and customer satisfaction

See the Success

Product Design

How pushing the limits of what’s possible on Salesforce created a supply chain solution with scalable dynamic forms transferred between thousands of Salesforce instances

Solving Architecture Concerns

How re-thinking and re-platforming an existing app onto Health Cloud increased Optum’s scalability in six months

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