Welcome to “How I Launched This,” a new podcast presented by CodeScience and hosted by CodeScience Chief Revenue Officer, Sean Hogan. Each episode features founders, CEOs, and product & sales leaders sharing the inside stories behind the launch of the hottest solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Tune in every month as Sean takes you behind the scenes to learn about the big bets, epic product launches, and strategic pivots that helped make the AppExchange the powerhouse success it is today.

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Episode 6: Finding Opportunity in Crisis with Greg Stewart

In Episode 6, Sean is speaking with Greg Stewart, CEO of Ladder, a company that was on track to launch a brand new app in March of 2020 when Covid hit and forced the team to pivot in ways they had never imagined. Greg discusses how a deep understanding of their customers helped his team not only improve their product but push them in a new direction that allowed customers to connect at a time when they needed it most. As Greg says, “it’s always a matter of who before what, it’s people before solutions.”

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Episode 5: Launch, Launch, and Relaunch with Dan Darcy

In Episode 5, Sean is speaking with Dan Darcy, who is instantly recognizable to anyone who has attended Dreamforce in the last decade. Prior to his current role as Chief Customer Officer at Qualified.com, Dan worked directly for Marc Benioff as his personal sales engineer, executing major product launches on the big stage at Dreamforce. Dan discusses how they iteratively crafted those launches, from the early soft launches to defining the single overarching message that would hit just the right note.

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Episode 4: This Podcast Could Save Your Life with Ted Elliott

In Episode 4, Sean is speaking with Ted Elliott, CEO of Copado, the #1 DevOps platform for enterprise SaaS. Ted talks about how his cancer diagnosis shifted his mindset and focus, why he gave all of his managers chess clocks for Christmas, how Copado is reducing the divorce rate while improving the DevOps release process, what he calls the “Smokey and the Bandit” play, and a preventative health measure that could very well save your life.

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Episode 3: Launching in the Time of COVID with Heather Lavoie

In this episode, Sean speaks with Heather Lavoie, President and Chief Executive Officer of Geneia. A serial entrepreneur, Heather has spent 30+ years in both private and public healthcare, but like all of us, she could not have foreseen the arrival of COVID on the scene in early 2020, just as Geneia was bringing a new solution to market. Heather discusses the rapid pivot and adjustments that allowed the company to not only survive, but thrive through one of the most uncertain times in recent history.

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Episode 2: The Birth of the AppExchange with Jim Steele

In this episode, Sean is talking with Jim Steele, President of Global Strategic Customers at Salesforce, about the birth of the AppExchange itself. Jim tells an incredible story as he walks us through some of the history, early beginnings, and amazing impact a decisive moment back in 2005 had on his career and the trajectory of Salesforce as a company.

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Episode 1: Introduction to “How I Launched This”

CodeScience Chief Revenue Officer, Sean Hogan, provides an introduction and brief preview of the “How I Launched This” podcast series. Sean’s hope is that you’ll gain knowledge, confidence, and inspiration as we learn together about decisive moments in business and the art and skill needed to create something new.

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