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“We are extremely proud to announce that our app is being used by 10,000 sales reps within the first 6 months of our launch, creating more pipeline for customers at a rate of 2x.”

Shashi Upadhyay, Ph.D, CEO, Lattice Engines

“We were getting held up in the build and release portion of the cycle, because we were backlogged in how fast we could turn around bug fixes and feature enhancements. We were having trouble establishing the processes we managed so efficiently outside of”

Keith Litwin, Senior Director of Software Engineering, SpringCM

“Great experience! …Mary took the time to understand our project initiatives, she helped us to determine the best way to reach our goals…”

Kimberly King, Sales Operations Manager Network Fleet

“Your team rocks.”

Vidal Gonzalez, Head of Engineering, Wizeline

“CodeScience delivered everything within the timeline that we wanted. And they helped us to also make well-informed trade-offs in terms of keeping us on time and within budget.”

Maria Ogneva, Head of Community, Sumo Logic

“From educating our team on Salesforce to the design and build process, CodeScience has been an invaluable member of our team from day one. We could not have brought the Provider MasterFile to market without them.”

Theresa Greco, Sr. Vice President, Solution Development and Strategy, Health Market Science

“There is no way we could have done this ourselves, particularly not in 8 weeks.”

Rebecca Joffrey, Director of Interactive Services, Cornell University

“C|S has repeatedly shown VRS they have a unique ability to “get it” and guide us toward solutions that are simply beneficial to all.”

Bruce Salkovitz, Director of Product Strategy, Virtual Regulatory Solutions

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