For more than four years, CodeScience and nCino have partnered to help bring powerful financial services products to the Salesforce AppExchange. Over the course of this partnership, nCino — and their cloud-based Bank Operating System — has grown to become an industry leader, enjoying tremendous growth. Working together, CodeScience and nCino built and scaled the products that helped guide nCino toward a successful IPO in July 2020.

In our latest webinar, Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer at nCino, and CodeScience CEO, Brian Walsh, sat down to discuss what’s made this partnership a success, as well as insights other ISVs and product leaders can use to drive success for their companies and in their careers.

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Words of Wisdom

A key area of focus for Brian and Trisha’s conversation is company culture. For both executives, company culture represents a strong foundation that encourages all employees to be their best selves and do their very best work. Additionally, Brian and Trisha talk about the ways cultural alignment has made nCino and CodeScience such powerful partners.

As Trisha says, “Company culture isn’t a program. It’s not something someone is in charge of. It’s organic and natural, and something leadership lives and breathes every day. It’s empowering employees to make decisions in the best interest of the customer. Our core values impact every aspect of how we do business.”

For Trisha, nCino’s culture has also helped positively impact the company’s relationship with Salesforce.

“Maintaining a healthy relationship with Salesforce is incredibly important,” she adds. “Understanding where they are going from a roadmap perspective, participating in pilots, and providing feedback as an ISV. Investing in our relationship with Salesforce at all levels has been fundamental for our success.”

The investments nCino has made in their partnership has helped ensure growth for both companies in the future. Aligning on roadmaps helps all stakeholders make better strategic decisions to better serve all of their customers. Trisha’s advice for ISV business leaders is to focus on building a partnership with Salesforce as early as possible. She also points to the value of working with a PDO, like CodeScience, who understands and can help ISVs navigate the Salesforce ecosystem.

A Question of Scale

One of the largest challenges nCino has faced as a global business is scaling solutions for users worldwide. Just as the product challenges mount, so do the obstacles of scaling company culture. For Trisha, successfully scaling into new markets relies on getting back to basics and mastering communication. The tactics for accomplishing these tasks may become more complex, but at the end of the day, maintaining processes and the communication that keeps everyone on the same page.

Keeping everyone on the same page can often be easier said than done. But for Trisha and the team at nCino, staying focused while operating on a global scale comes back to the framework established in nCino’s company culture. Built around ideas of mutual respect, trust, and the pursuit of excellence, this foundation ensures that all nCino employees are equipped to make decisions that benefit customers and result in superior products.

“When you have a small team, you can get everyone in one room to swarm a customer problem and solve it,” Trisha adds. “The bigger you get, you have to rely more on technology and the ability to prioritize the most important work, scope solutions, keep all team members informed, and execute. As a business leader for a global organization, I may not always be available to make a decision, so I have to trust that my team members feel empowered to make the call — and that comes back to our culture.”

Looking to the Future

We at CodeScience are thrilled at what the future holds for nCino. We are extremely proud to call the nCino team our friends and partners and would like to extend our deepest thanks to Trisha for joining us for our webinar.

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