Whether you’re brand new to the AppExchange or a long-term Salesforce partner, one thing everyone in the ecosystem can agree on is that 2020 was a year like no other. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic early in the year quickly threw into question so many things we had previously taken for granted: Going to the office. Traveling to conferences. High fives. But humans, much like the Salesforce ecosystem, are incredibly resilient and adaptable, and adapt we did!

Since it quickly became clear that in-person events wouldn’t be possible any time soon, the content team here at CodeScience pivoted to a bustling calendar of informative webinars to address the most urgent needs of ISVs. This full slate of webinars was complemented by an array of new content, from broad, deep-dive reports to laser-focused technical tips.

Here we’ll take a look at some of our most valuable resources from both a business perspective and the technical side.

Top Resources for ISVs

Want to hear from some of the top-performing ISVs on the AppExchange? Need some pointers on how to reduce development costs while accelerating your time to market? Wondering how other Salesforce partners are faring as we enter the new year? We’ve got you covered!

4th Annual State of the AppExchange Partners Report

Of course no “Best of” list could be complete without our 4th Annual State of the AppExchange Partners Report. This comprehensive survey and examination of the top trends of the ecosystem and proven strategies of successful Salesforce partners has become our most highly anticipated publication of the year.

This year’s report, The Great Separation: Examining the Ecosystem in a Time of Change, explores the challenges, priorities, and successes of AppExchange partners through the context of the “Survive-Adapt-Thrive” framework. We uncovered three characteristics shared by the companies that are thriving through COVID, lapping their competitors, and growing faster than ever. Download the report now to learn what these ISVs have in common and how you can emulate their success.

State of the AppExchange Partners Panel

Speaking of thriving through COVID, this year’s State of the AppExchange Partners Panel discussion featured an all-star cast of AppExchange leaders for a wide-ranging discussion on the impacts of the pandemic, the resiliency of the ecosystem, and more.

CodeScience CEO, Brian Walsh, hosted Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer at nCino; Matt Fairhurst, Co-Founder and CEO at Skedulo; and David Schmaier, CEO at Salesforce Industries (former Founder and CEO of Vlocity) for a spirited conversation about the challenges we’ve all faced this year, and how each of these companies have adapted and even leveraged these challenges to launch themselves far ahead of the pack.

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The CPO’s Guide to Winning as a Salesforce Partner

This CodeScience special report features insights from five successful product officers: Byron Jones, VP of Product and Partnerships at Optimizely; Dan Brown, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at FinancialForce; Ray Hein, CEO & Founder at Propel; Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer at nCino; and Vincent Cabral, VP of Product at Nintex.

The report offers advice for CPOs on how to fully leverage the opportunities provided by the Salesforce AppExchange to reduce risk, get to market faster, reduce development costs, drive revenue, and reach enterprise buyers.

Read the full report here

A “Fireside Chat” with nCino

One of our most in-demand webinars of the year was a one-on-one conversation between Brian Walsh, CodeScience CEO, and Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer at nCino, and it’s no surprise why: in addition to thriving as a leading Salesforce ISV, nCino also achieved a successful IPO in July of 2020 — all in the midst of the pandemic.

In this “fireside chat,” Walsh and Price discuss what’s made the partnership between CodeScience and nCino such a success, along with insights other ISVs and product leaders can use to drive growth for their companies.

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Acting Like a Top 25 ISV

This ongoing video series looks at how top ISVs on the AppExchange are functioning and the systems they’ve put in place to achieve excellence and sustain leadership. The series features practical, actionable advice for ISVs at all levels, whether you’re just starting out on the AppExchange or you’re already established and looking to grow revenue.

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Resources for Developers

Our intrepid team of CodeScience developers also produced quite a bit of content this year, providing invaluable hands-on advice for anyone designing or building products on Salesforce.

Automated Testing for Salesforce Apps

Throughout 2020, our developers delivered a series of technical webinars to illuminate some of the more complex topics and challenges associated with building on Salesforce. In our first webinar of the tech series, CodeScience Quality Leads Radhika Manne and Pat Meeker share their expertise to help developers get their apps to market faster with automated testing, along with tips on how to maintain and scale testing processes over time.

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Patterns for Integrating Your Salesforce App with Off-Platform Apps

In this technical webinar, CodeScience Technical Architect Mark Pond addresses a common problem CodeScience clients face: guaranteed delivery of messages to off-platform applications with return acknowledgment of success or failure. While not every integration message needs to be bulletproof, some do, and Mark offers expert advice on how developers can evaluate the level of resiliency their solution requires.

View the full webinar along with a look at the code behind these patterns here.

Tech Tips from the Developer Blog

Did you know there’s a whole section of the CodeScience blog dedicated to technical topics just for developers? Well now you do! From “how-to” guides and recaps of our technical webinars to the inside scoop on the latest Salesforce release updates and how they might affect your code, you can quickly access all of our developer content right here!

Got a burning question about selling on the Salesforce ecosystem or a complex application build challenge you could use a hand with? We’re here to help. We’ve helped build 10% of the apps on the AppExchange. Contact us today!