Jacob Rouser
Jan 9, 2020

At Dreamforce ‘19, there were many exciting announcements for partners. With the Partner program evolving, two key goals remain at the forefront: connecting partners with other partners to learn from each other and hiring and training the best talent to enable partner success. To further accelerate these goals, Salesforce announced the launch of Trailhead for Partners.

Trailhead for Partners is made up of two parts — Partner Learning Camp and Talent Programs.

What is Partner Learning Camp?

Partner Learning Camp is an insiders’ guide built entirely on Trailhead for partners to learn best practices on how to build, sell, and implement Salesforce products based on what the most successful partners are already doing. Previously this resource was only available to Salesforce employees, but now is available to anyone in the Partner Community.

Right now, Partner Learning Camp is made up of 12 modules, each ranging from 25-minutes to an hour to complete, and more modules are being added each month.

What Can I Learn?

The current offering available starts with a four-course program called Accelerate for Consulting Partners (ACP). This program is designed to help Partners ramp up their Salesforce consulting practice quickly and learn the fundamentals on how to structure your business to succeed with Salesforce.

ACP Course Trail

  • Course 1: Foundations: Vision, Values, and Growth

  • Course 2: Unlock Your Business Potential

  • Course 3: Engage and Succeed With Your Customers

  • Course 4: Learn to Navigate Resources

After finishing up this trail, Partners can learn more about specific industry strategies, general business skills (like developing compelling presentations and objection handling), as well as the latest technology available from Salesforce.

What are the Talent Programs?

The Talent Programs are broken into 3 categories:

  • Partners

  • Professionals

  • Students

These sections provide resources unique to each group and give users the chance to connect with each other, learn more on Trailhead, and discover events nearby specifically for job seekers and those looking for talent.

In the Partners section of the Talent Programs, companies are presented with 3 sections to learn more in: reskilling your current talent, developing a recruiting pipeline, and tips on hiring and retaining talent. There is a questionnaire to help you determine your talent needs and gaps from the get-go.

In the Professionals section, job seekers are met with the latest stats in the Salesforce Economy. There are an expected 300K new jobs this year for those with Salesforce skills and is ranked as the #1 paying tech skill based on the latest IDC research.

Professionals can learn more about the typical job titles like Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, and Salesforce Consultant (P.S. we’re hiring) and discover the skills needed to be successful in each role.

Job seekers are also presented with information about the certification exams and are encouraged to join in the various Trailblazer Community groups.

For Students, Salesforce provides similar information as the Professional section, but are presented with specific Trails geared for students and opportunities to connect with mentors.

Partners are excited to see the continued and growing investment into the program with these resources. We’ll be interested in learning more later in January when more specifics on the changes to the Partner Program mentioned in the DF19 Keynote will be announced.

Are you interested in learning more about your opportunity on the AppExchange? Get in touch! We’ve built over 250 commercial-grade applications on the Salesforce AppExchange — our mission is to help Partners thrive.

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