As a Salesforce developer, I’m always looking for better ways to streamline my process and solve those common problems that seem to slow me down. I’ve put together a list of my favorite Salesforce extensions that make the most impact in my day.

1. Salesforce Inspector (Free) – This is my go-to tool for all small data loads. This has a very simple UI with a large feature set. At its core, Salesforce Inspector lets me inspect the data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI. Inspector really shines when it comes to data loads. While it has other features like data editing of information on the page layout and one-off data exports and imports, I tend to utilize Organizer (number 2 on the list) for some of these more in-depth functionalities.

Salesforce Inspector

Chrome extension | Firefox extension | GitHub

2. Organizer (Free with optional upgrade) – The Swiss Army knife for Salesforce Developer. It offers all the things a Salesforce developer would like to do with moving out of the window — to name a few: run a query, execute anonymous from a quick console window, object describe, Home Quick Query, Sobject fields, Quick ORG Describe, Replace API Names, Convert SF Id, Login As, and more.


Chrome extension | Firefox extension | Company | AppExchange

3. Boostr for Salesforce (free) – I first found Boostr before the days of Lightning when the “quick find” text in setup didn’t automatically erase itself. Since then, Boostr has continued to grow its functionality — giving you the ability to search and filter when adding items to a changeset, increased functionality in administration, and display fields on the field history tracking page.

Boostr for Salesforce

Chrome extension | GitHub

4. Salesforce Colored Favicons (free) – Do you get confused with too many orgs open at one time? At any given point of time, I need to login to at least 3-4 orgs for my day-to-day activities. This light-weight extension lets you change the color of the Salesforce favicon so you can better keep track of which windows corresponded to which org. Also, this extension lets you display a separate icon for sandbox instances.

Salesforce Colored Favicons

Chrome extension

5. Force LOGINS – Are you bad at remembering passwords? If you’re like me, this was one of the first extensions that simplified my life. I’ve been using this extension before Organizer came to this world — and we should never forget the past. This is a complete password manager solution for Salesforce orgs. It has great functionality and it has helped me for many years for all my password organization and management including the ability to easily import and export your login information.


Chrome extension | Company

6. Clear Cache (free) – This has nothing to do with Salesforce, but I had to explore to find an extension to quickly and easily clear cache on my browser. I was constantly running into caching issues with lightning development and was tired of constantly opening new windows, confirming dialogs and jumping through Chrome’s hoops. This extension allows you to clear your cache and load modified assets on the go. Fortunately, from the past couple releases, caching issues have reduced and I’ve seen improvements in terms of performance — hopefully, I don’t have to use this as often as I once did.

Clear Cache

Chrome extension | Personal Website

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