We love costumes here at CodeScience. In fact, there are very few things that we love more. One of those things being our families, and when I say family, I don’t just mean spouses and kids…I also mean our pets! So putting our families together (both furry and not) as well as costumes makes for THE BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!!

This year was our 5th annual Halloween Costume Contest!! If you’ve been following the CodeScience blog for a while now, you know how big of a deal this contest is to us. This year, we wanted to make our contest more family/pet-friendly, so we encouraged everyone to include them in their costumes. Boy…did they DELIVER! Below were our categories for this year.

Adorable Pet

Adorable Kid

Dynamic Duo


Is that Appropriate?!

And the winners are….

Being able to incorporate each other’s families as well as pets, seemed to help everyone want to contribute to this year’s contest even more! I mean… who can turn down the chance to dress up their pets!?! It was very tough…I mean TOUGH to just vote for 5 people. Here are a few pictures to help you get a little glimpse at what I am talking about…


Did you see those costumes?! AMAZING. Here at CodeScience, we are more than colleagues; we are family. Being able to see a glimpse into each other’s “non-work” families made this so special. Here are a couple of quotes from our CodeScience team to help you get a better understanding of what I mean:

Rebecca Keyser 

“Halloween is a special holiday for CodeScience. This was my first Halloween with the company, and I was very excited to participate. But CodeScience didn’t have just me participate, as the theme for the costume contest was Group Kids/Pets — so employees were encouraged to get their families involved in the fun as well! It was an extremely fun day getting to dress up with my silky terrier Maggie, and then also to see everyone else dressed up with their families. CodeScience is more than just a job or work — it is Family!”

Coni Thomas

“I love Halloween, and I love my dogs. It was really creative and fun to brainstorm a “group” costume that incorporated them. I appreciate that CodeScience allows the space to bring our home life into our work life. Especially since I am usually trying to keep these guys QUIET and hidden while I am at work!”

Jody Johnson 

“My family gets pretty into Halloween every year. So when I came to work at CodeScience a few years ago, it was an apt fit. At CodeScience, we like to dress up and have fun, so naturally, Halloween is a convivial time around the office. Since the last Star Wars (Skywalker Saga) movie is coming out this year (and my 4-year-old son was set as going as Darth Vader), my family and I decided to give it a go. I dressed up as Chewy, my son as Darth Vader, my daughter as Leia, and my wife as Momma the Hutt. Everyone at CodeScience loves our family costumes, and my kids got a real kick out of taking home the “Most sCREAmaTIVE” too!“

Olya Schaefer 

“I loved including my dog Paco as a co-star and recruiting my husband Rob to be our photographer for the annual Halloween contest! It’s way more fun to see colleagues get creative with their families and get to know a bit more about them in the process.”

Pretty amazing, right? If you are looking for a job that makes you feel right at home from the beginning…then the CodeScience family is the family for you! Check out our current openings here.