The hangovers are gone and the lead list was long. Dreamforce ‘15 was a definitive win for CodeScience.

Our intrepid team of CodeScientists could be seen racing across the DF15 campus to present at 14 sessions covering topics for Developers, Admins, ISVs and Lightning. If you missed them, check out the videos and decks here.  Two standout sessions included one on using the Oculus Rift and VR to visualize data on Salesforce, and our special ISV AppLab taking you through building your app and your business from A-Z.

CodeScience proudly co-hosted the Tech Expert (aka Genius) Bar in the Dreamforce Partner Zone. Our CodeScientists, together with Salesforce TEs, were ready to answer the most complicated questions, and people put us to the test.

Perhaps you joined us at the #GeniusBash, our annual appreciation party. We loved raising a glass with the people who continue to contribute to our success.

CodeScience’s Predictions for 2016

Now that the dust has settled, we’ve had time to think about the implications of what was presented at DF15. What will stick? What will have the most impact on the Salesforce ecosystem and beyond? Here’s what some our team had to say…


  1. Salesforce finally has beautiful, native UIs and the partner ecosystem will adopt the same UI patterns (using SLDS) throughout 2016.
  2. Salesforce will attempt to purchase Slack in 2016. The Network effects of the messaging platform combined with the rocketing success of the apps marketplace make it a fast moving, defense driven acquisition.

Matt C:

  1. Salesforce continues to be the platform of innovation and we are excited to contribute by bringing new visual experiences to the platform first by way of VR. In the near future the expanded UX and new ways to exchange/visualize data will shift from experiment to alternative tool.


  1. Prediction:  Salesforce will add javascript library to augment existing SLDS css library.
  2. Hope: Generic streaming API will come out of pilot and go GA.

Matt N:

  1. Lightning Out enables customers to use custom applications and data from sfdc off platform. This could bring some interesting integrations.


  1. Expect to see more IoT (Thunder) and Service Cloud. Sensors in everything that dial home when broken and create cases. This will be heavy in manufacturing and consumer goods.

John N:

  1. Salesforce will introduce a new technology called Hurricane, somehow involving Heroku 😉


  1. Wave and Lightning Connect will boom.
  2. Salesforce acquires Microsoft AND Dell in largest tech deal EVER! [ed: this is actually the 2019 prediction!]

Mike W:

  1. The demand for high-end Salesforce talent will continue to peak. Talent will gravitate to those employers who offer the best environment and interesting work. Salesforce will step up efforts on attracting experienced professionals to develop skill sets.


  1. ISV’s will start to leverage Wave technology to bring BI-driven applications to the AppExchange.


  1. We’ll see more adoption of Lightning SLDS and Components in ISV apps.
  2. There will be more ISVs supporting micro services architecture and asking us to build Lightning Components that utilize their micro services.
  3. With more apps using micro service architecture, we’ll start to see clouds more interconnected via services like Zapier, IFTTT, etc.

What do you think will stick for 2016? Tell us @codescience or in comments below.

CodeScience hosted the ISV AppLab at DF15.

Our bright orange banners flew proudly above Moscone.

Brian and Jason presenting the value of working with a PDO in the Partner Zone.

Did you get one of our coveted hangover kits? We solve problems.

 A full house at the #GeniusBash.


Amber rocking the Salesforce MVP Champion belt at the #GeniusBash.